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Please use the links above to navigate the site, whether you want to find out about Jacob Sheep in the UK, buy or sell or are new to sheep keeping and are looking for some advice.

The Jacob Sheep Society welcomes you with open arms..!


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The Society -

The Jacob Sheep Society is a social and friendly organisation.

Its has regular regional flock and farm visits for members. Locally hosted talks to learn more about sheep keeping and other related subjects. We also support other events with the society show-stand.





Young Handlers -

Why not become a Young Handler?

Get in touch with your local Jacob Sheep Society Rep for details..!





Showing -

Are you interested in Showing your sheep? Do you need some help and friendly advice?

Contact your local Jacob Sheep Society Region Rep..!


Need to contact a Local Judge? Click here.





Sheep Breeding -

Do you need advice on Jacob breed standards, or are you looking to buy a Jacob Sheep

or just need more information on keeping Jacob Sheep?


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