Welcome to the website of the Jacob Sheep Society which I hope you find a useful source of information, news, photographs and contacts. The web team post regular updates on the regional pages as well as headlines on the homepage news section. Visit us on the Jacob Sheep Society Facebook page for further up to date coverage of Society news and events.

Jacob sheep originated in the Middle East and are believed to be the oldest breed in the world, being mentioned in the Old Testament Book of Genesis. The Moors brought them into the Iberian Peninsula from North Africa in the eighth century AD, and they were imported into the British Isles in Elizabethan times as an ornament to country house parks. Now established as a mainstream British breed, there are around 8,000 breeding sheep in this country with around 3,000 lambs registered annually.

The Jacob is generally credited within the sheep industry as the most improved breed of the last 40 years. They are hardy, long-lived and attractive sheep noted for the flavour of their lean meat whether pure-bred or crossed with a terminal sire, and their skins, wool and horns all meet a ready market where they can be turned into attractive merchandise. Most major shows across the country now include classes for Jacob sheep in their schedules and Jacobs often achieve success in interbreed championships. A vibrant Society exists to promote the breed, and a wide range of events from official sales to open days are held across the country.

Our website will give you details of regional events, local breeders, sheep for sale and merchandise which can be purchased through our online shop. Members can view pedigree details of sheep through the online flock book link. If you would like more information or wish to be part of this organisation, please follow the "Contact Us" link for details of how to get involved.

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