Don’t forget the 2022 JSS Calendar!
The deadline (31 July 2021) for entering your photos for the JSS 2022 calendar is fast approaching.
Photos depicting any aspect connected with the Jacob sheep will be considered.
Why not send one or more photos to ?


Sarah Weaver



It was a pleasure to assemble the 2021 Society calendar and an added bonus that all 100 were sold!
Thank you to everyone who sent me photographs, and also to everyone who ordered calendars.

Having said that, it is already time to ask you to turn your minds to photographs for the 2022 calendar!


What to send    (Please also refer to page 25 of the Winter 2020 Jacob Journal)
- High quality photos from a mobile phone or computer file.
- Images that have a connection with Jacob sheep.

- Photographs of sheep will immediately spring to mind, but you could also consider photos that show other aspects of the breed: details of wool or of wool products (knitting, spinning, weaving, felting, tapestry, etc), or images of horns or horn products, or even of meat - what about a beautiful plate featuring lamb cuisine?

- The photographs do not need to be taken in the current year - no one will know!  You might even have a suitable historic photograph.


What to think about when taking your photo
- The composition (how the subject matter is placed in the frame), the focal point (the point of interest), the lighting.
- Is your photo taken from an unusual view or perspective?  Is the image balanced?
- Has your photo got a “Wow!” factor?  Does it say something special?  Does it ‘tell a story’?


How and where to send
- Please email you photo(s) to me at 


Closing date
- 31 July 2021


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