The 2022 Jacob Sheep Society Calendar

The 2022 Sheep Society Calendar is now available through the JSS website shop.
Thank you to all the members who sent photographs for consideration for the calendar. Once again I am impressed by all your efforts.

Selecting 13 photos from the 168 that I received required careful thought: first a long ‘short’list, then a short shortlist and, finally, just thirteen. There are never many photos with people in them but Kay Carpenter’s photo (April) simply had to be included and then, when I saw the printed proof, it struck me that maybe I had subconsciously ‘themed’ the calendar with pictures loosely reflecting the situation that we have been ‘marooned’ in for so many months: isolation, companionship and, maybe, even frustration! I hadn’t
intended this.

To the members whose photos were selected - congratulations! They are: Terry Barker, Kay Carpenter, Caroline Finlayson, Meghan Gibbs, Alison Gogan, Hayley Higginson, Tamsin James, Meinir Lewis, Lesley Partridge, Lesley Pope (2), Jessica Pryce, and Liz Roberts.

To the members whose photos were not successful - please don’t be disappointed and please send photos next year. If I had my way I would make a calendar with many more pages so that I could include many more photos!

I hope that the 13 photos in the 2022 calendar will carry us forward through the months into better times.

Sarah Weaver

JSS Calendar Front
JSS Calendar Front

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