Welcome to the News page for the Central Region, which includes the counties of Staffordshire,

Warwickshire, Herefordshire, Cheshire, Gloucestershire, Shropshire, Derbyshire and Worcestershire.

Regional Council Member

Mrs Lucy Thompson
Culland Hall

Tel: 01335 360247 Email: TBC


Diary Dates for 2019

Open Day – Sunday 19th May 2019

We have had a very exciting invitation to hold our Open Day at the Millvale Flock by Bob and Paula Bramley.


Worcester Show & Sale – Tuesday 6th August 2019


Autumn Meeting & AGM – October 2019

Terry and Berni Barker have very kindly offered to hold this event in early October.



2018 Events


Reflecting on the very busy year that the Central Region has had in 2018, I was struck by how fortunate I am to have such a supportive and proactive committee by my side.

Not only do I have the support of the committee members, but their other halves are always ready to add their huge contribution.


This year at the Royal Three Counties Show, the organizers decided to introduce a new feature for the visitors called. “Farming Heros”.  They were looking for exhibitors to provide impromptu talks about their animals and answer questions from the public.  Lorna Hendey organized the JSS contribution to this new venture.  John Emberton, Gareth Jones and Lyndon Trumper hosted a day each.


Jean Simmons, John Emberton, Mark and Margie Rushbrooke organized the JSS stand at Malvern on the 27th July.  Stan Taylor brought along a very fine ram and Richard Chapman a very attractive ewe with a pair of crossbred lambs at foot, which created much discussion and interest.  Various members of the Central Region committee manned the stand throughout the actual day and it attracted a great deal of interest from members of the public.


The next big event for the Central Region was the Show & Sale held at Worcester on the 7th August.  I would like to thank John Emberton and Jean Simmons who helped with the preparation of the Sale and the running of the Show.  Gareth Jones judged the Show with great efficiency.  Prices for shearling ewes were on average higher than last year, which was remarkable considering the extremely testing time sheep farmers have had to endure with a harsh winter followed by a shortage of grass due to the extreme weather conditions.


In September the Central Region had their biannual Flock Competition with Barbara Webster and Jennifer Milton agreeing to judge.  They travelled considerable distances visiting 17 flocks which was a marathon/endurance test, having to deal with endless road works which seem to bedevil the Central Region.  Both Barbara and Jennifer were incredibly generous with their time.  Best small flock was won by Bob and Paula Bramley; best large flock Jerry Strong and Lorna Hendey; best group of ewe lambs David and Lesley Partridge; best 4 horn ram Stan Taylor; best 2 horn ram Jerry Strong and Lorna Hendey and best ram lamb Jerry Strong and Lorna Hendey.  Overall Champion went to Jerry Strong and Lorna Hendey.


The last event of the year was a truly wonderful visit to the farm of Jonathan and Annabelle Crump in Gloucestershire, which is situated on the Cotswold escarpment overlooking the Severn Vale.  The Burford flock of Jacobs was established 40 years ago and the Crumps have their wool processed to produce blankets, shawls and scarves.  The farm has a herd of Gloucesters, with 25 milking cows producing delicious Double and Single Gloucester cheeses.  Gloucesters were very close to extinction in the 1970s so it was wonderful to see these beautiful animals in such an idyllic setting.  Tamworth and Gloucester Old Spot pigs with two litters of piglets were a great attraction.  After a spectacular tractor and trailer ride, there was a fascinating visit to the cheese dairy.  60 of us then had lunch, which included the Crumps delicious ham and cheese.  It was a very special and magical day.  At the end of the day we had the AGM and the results and presentations for the Flock Competition.  Hayley Higginson then gave the results and presentations for The Annual Young Shepherd Competition, which she so efficiently organizes each year.


Results of the Central Region Young Handlers Competition:

Up to 12 years:

1.      Charlotte Cartwright

2.      equal – Tobias Austin Gunter & Ruben Beard

3.      equal – Bertie Stanley & Isla Beard

4.      equal – Rory Dumbleton & Dalton Schaschke

Special mention – Vincent Gunter


1.      Isobel Cartwright

2.      Leah Dixon

3.      Poppy Dixon

4.      Charlie Dumbleton


1.      Tom Lewis

2.      Abbie Higginson

3.      Caitlin Carpenter

4.      Equal – Seren Carpenter & Will Bloor

The overall champion: Tom Lewis

Reserve champion: Abbie Higginson.


2018 Flock Competition Results

Class 1 - Best Small Flock:

1st – Robert & Paula Bramley

2nd – Sally Brothwell

3rd – Sean Kirby

Class 2 - Best Large Flock:

1st - Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey

2nd - David & Lesley Partridge

3rd - Robin Hill

Class 3 – Group of Ewe Lambs:

1st – David & Lesley Partridge

2nd - Robert & Paula Bramley

3rd – Ridout & Higginson

Class 4 - Best 4 horn ram:

1st - Stanley Taylor

2nd - David & Lesley Partridge

3rd – David & Lesley Partridge

Class 4 – Best 2 horn Ram:

1st - Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey

2nd - Sally Brothwell

3rd - Tom Lewis

Class 5 – Best Ram Lamb:

1st - Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey

2nd - Terry & Berni Barker

3rd  - Ridout & Higginson

The Anne Rowberry Salver for the best 4 horn flock: David & Lesley Partridge

The Dixon Trophy for the best 2 horn flock:  Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey

The Bentley Trophy for the best 4 horn male:  Stanley Taylor

The Homelea Trophy for the best 2 horn male:  Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey

The Nutwood Trophy for the best group of ewe lambs:  David & Lesley Partridge

The Culland Trophy for the best ram lamb:  Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey


Overall Champion Flock:  Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey


Jacob Sheep Society

Central Region Autumn Meeting

Sunday 7th October 2018 – 11.00am


Was held at, Standish Park Farm, Stonehouse,

Gloucestershire, GL10 3DG


by kind invitation of Jonathan and Annabelle Crump


Standish Park Farm is a tenanted 300 acre grassland farm on the Cotswold escarpment overlooking the Severn Vale.  The Burford flock of Jacobs was established 40 years ago.  It originates from one ewe and currently has 30 ewes plus followers.

For a number of years the Crumps have had their wool processed to produce blankets, shawls and scarves.  Other sheep on the farm include 150 Lleyns and smaller numbers of Cotswold, Kerry Hill and Olla (their son aged 9) has a flock of Shetlands.

The farm also has a herd of about 75 Gloucesters, with 25 milking cows producing Double and Single Gloucester cheese.  They also have Tamworth and Gloucester Old Spot pigs and a variety of rare breed poultry.

18th July 2018 - NSA Event

The JSS had a stand at this years National Sheep Association Event at the Royal Three Counties Showground.

The stand looked great and was well manned by JSS volenteers on the day.



Sunday 20 May 2018

The first event of 2018 held by the Central Region was the very successful day spent on the farm of Sean and Kay Carpenter on Sunday 20 May.


We had a great opportunity to see their Lickhill pedigree Jacob flock and also their daughter’s Serenity pedigree flock.  We also had an opportunity to see their pedigree Texels, pedigree North Country Cheviots and a commercial flock of Mules.  They also have a herd of pedigree South Devon cattle and some prime stock cattle.  We all then had lunch and we were able to indulge in the Carpenter’s delicious own pork, which they had generously donated.  This was followed by equally delicious puddings all donated from the Central Region Committee.


After lunch Clive Roads, the livestock auctioneer predominantly based at Worcester, very kindly gave a talk on “how to sell your sheep to advantage”.  After this fascinating talk, Clive answered a whole range of questions, which then led onto a very interesting discussion.

We are hugely grateful to Clive for giving up a Sunday afternoon and immensely grateful to the Carpenter’s for all their hard work in putting on such a great day.


Calendar Events




Wednesday 18 July 2018

The Central Region will be representing the Jacob Sheep Society at the National Sheep Association at Malvern, which is held in England biannually.  We will have a stand with some examples of Jacob sheep.  Please do come and support us.  It is a very good day and lots to see.



Tuesday 7 August 2018

Once again we are holding our Show & Sale at Worcester and the judge appointed is Gareth Jones.



21/22/23 September 2018

The Central Region will be holding their Flock Competition this autumn, which is held every other year.  This is a very good opportunity to seek advice, if required, from an experienced judge– The judge for this year’s competition will be Barbara Webster.



Sunday 7 October 2018

The Autumn Meeting and AGM will be held at Jonathan Crump’s farm at Stonehouse, Gloucestershire.  Details will follow.




The final event in the calendar of the Central Region in 2017 was the Autumn Meeting held on Sunday 15th October at the new home of David and Lesley Partridge.  It was a wonderful autumn day with the sun shining on the beautiful Bentley flock.  The day began with a Judges seminar held by the Field Officer, Gordon Conner.  Following the seminar Gordon gave a talk on 4-horned Jacob sheep. There were a number of new members at the Autumn Meeting who had the opportunity to ask questions and had found the whole discussion very helpful and informative. 

Open Day David and Lesley
Open Day David and Lesley

Jacqueline Emberton had generously offered to produce a wool craft display and, together with Kay Dalloway, arranged a very colourful and interesting exhibition.  We are very grateful to Jacqueline for organizing the display. 

wool craft display
wool craft display

Another interesting attraction was the fleece competition. There was a good number of entries most of which were of a very high standard.  Lesley kindly agreed to judge and the winning fleece belonged to Jonathan Crump.

Open Day David and Lesley
Fleece Competition

In the afternoon there was a moment of celebration within the Central Region, when we marked the 80th birthday of Jean Blacknell and the 90th birthdays of Stan and Beryl Taylor.   This was then followed by the presentation of the Central Region Young Handler’s Trophies by Hayley Higginson.

Central Region Young Handler’s Trophies
Central Region Young Handler’s Trophies

The results of the Young Handler’s Competition are as follows:

Up to 12 years:

  1. Leah Dixon
  2. Charlie Dumbleton
  3. Isobel & Charlotte Cartwright
  4. Poppy Dixon
  5. Thomas Partridge


  1. Abbie Higginson
  2. Benjamin Clay
  3. Caitlin Carpenter
  4. Will Bloor


  1. Seren Carpenter
  2. Tom Lewis
  3. Olivia Cartwright

Overall Champion:       Abbie Higginson

Reserve Champsion:     Seren Carpenter

Many congratulations to Abbie and Seren and for all those who competed.  There is a great deal of talent exhibited in these young shepherds.

 The day ended with the region’s AGM.  A huge thank you to David, Lesley Partridge and their family for all their hard work in making the day such a success. 

Open DAy David and Lesley 2755
Open DAy David and Lesley 2765
Open DAy David and Lesley 2769
Open DAy David and Lesley 2770
Open DAy David and Lesley 2774
Open DAy David and Lesley 2775
Stan and Beryl Taylor
Stan and Beryl Taylor

In October we heard the sad news of the death of Beryl Taylor.  Beryl was such an integral part of the Central Region and a much loved member of the Society.  We will all miss her tremendously.


This year the Central Region will be representing the Jacob Sheep Society at Malvern at the NSA event to be held on the 18th July.  Please do come and support this event.  This year’s Show & Sale will be held at Worcester on Tuesday 7th August and Gareth Jones has kindly agreed to be the Judge.  In October we will be holding our bi-annual Flock Competition.  Other events have yet to be finalized so please do check our website.


Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each member of the Central Region Committee.  I am extremely fortunate to have such wonderful support.  For all those Central Region members, please do contact me if there is anything that I can do to help.  I am always pleased to hear from you.



Autumn Meeting – Sunday 15th October 2017
To be held courtesy of Mr & Mrs D Partridge.  The Field Officer will be holding a Judges Seminar in the morning.
After lunch the Central Region AGM & Presentation of the Central Region Young Handler's Trophies.
For the entry form and details of the Open Day please click here

Worcester Sale

Report by Howard Walsh

The male and overall champion made the top price of 1,650gns in the Jacob Sheep Society’s central region show and sale in Worcester on Tuesday.

All the top prices came for two-horned sheep and while the day’s ceiling bid fell short of last year, some of the section averages were up.

Sale leader was the home-bred January 2016 born ram Lickhill I’m Batman from Stourport-on- Severn breeders Mr and Mrs S. Carpenter. Having been reserve breed champion at this year’s Three Counties – as its’ sire, ‘Beam Me Up Scottie’,  was in 2015 – it was sold to  B.D. Coe, Harleston, Norfolk.

Second top at 1,200gns was a shearling ram from the Trumper Family, Abergavenny. By Border Windrush out of a Blackbrook ewe, it sold to Messrs Morrish, North Breazle, Okehampton.

Also by Windrush was the reserve overall champion, a shearling ewe from Rhodri Jones, Builth Wells. Born February 2016 and out of a Nettlebed ewe, it went to G. and S. Wood, Scales, Ulverston, at 1,020gns.

Ram lambs topped at 900gns for Border Gambler from Clive Richardson, Ulverston. By his Border Viscount II and out of a home-bred ewe, it sold to Linda Wilson, Aspatria, Wigton, while a ram lamb from the furthest travelled vendor – Adam Christie, Huntly, Aberdeen – made 800gns. Adamski Revel is by Dunmor Antonio.

The dearest ewe lamb at 540gns was a Gobaith Star sired entry from Lesley Partridge, Droitwich. It was bought by Messrs Freshwater, Bicester. The first prize ewe lamb from Jerry Strong and Lorna Hendy, Pershore, was by Nutwood Warrior out of a home-bred Elmley dam and sold at 450gns.


4 flock ewes £181.12 (last year £143.50); 18 shearling ewes £240.33  (£189.37); 36 ewe lambs £195.41 (£200.25); 10 shearling rams £473.55 (£374.42); 21 ram lambs £332.50 £500.18).

Auctioneers: McCartneys.

Open Day – Sunday 14th May 2017 
Welcome with a cup of coffee, biscuit and meeting old friends
Two of the pens with sheep to be assessed
Jane and Alan introduce themselves and their farm
Ewes with lambs at foot
One of the rams
Superb food on offer
Clive explaining the finer points of assessing the shearling ewes
Handling and showing in the ring, discussion and commentary

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