NSA Documents relating to Covid-19


Here are two PDF documents which many give you information during the Covid-19 outbreak. Please click the links to download.


Covid Farm Sign

Covid Checklist for Shearers and Farmers


Impact of the Coronavirus Regulations on the Jacob Sheep Society


Dear Member,

I trust that you and your family are coping with the Coronavirus Regulations and that no one has been directly affected by the disease.
The members of Council have had discussions over the past weeks regarding the AGM weekend due to take place from 24th - 26th April. We came to the conclusion that this would have to be cancelled and decided that, provided conditions next year allow, Southern Region would host the weekend in 2021.

Members who had booked to attend any of the weekend’s events have already been informed by Barley Gould and their payments are being refunded. Council offers its sincere thanks to Barley and her team for coping so well with the rapidly changing circumstances.

We were considering whether a small formal AGM meeting could take place but the further restrictions on movement announced on Monday evening have rendered this impossible.

Accordingly, the Notice of the Annual General Meeting which you will have received this morning with your copy of the Journal is formally rescinded.

The Society’s Articles state that we should hold an AGM in each calendar year no later than 15 months from the previous AGM. That means that we will have until late June to give notice of the 2020 AGM.
We will keep abreast of the developments in the virus and associated Regulations and advise you accordingly.

The same rule applied next year will also give us the flexibility to delay the 2021 AGM to the autumn if that is necessary.

Yours sincerely
Lyndon Trumper


President’s message

It is with great sadness that I send this message.

It would be usual at this time of year for us all to be coming to the end of our lambing and reflecting on the outcomes, and then looking forward to the forthcoming Shows and Sales anticipating the next record breaking sheep, also we should be looking forward to our annual AGM and meeting up with so many old friends.

Our AGM weekend has after so much hard work and planning, sadly had to be cancelled.

Under the current extreme circumstances, my wife Joan and I turn our thoughts to you. Many of us are fortunate enough to breath clear open air which is a bonus, but some may not.

We have just had Mothering Sunday and as a family would normally share a day of celebration, but sadly not. I being “older”, but particularly busy and travelling around the country have found the need to socially isolate. Joan working at the local hospital has obvious concerns. Our son William is a maths teacher in Liverpool and has just said goodbye to his year 11 form group not knowing what grades they would have as their GCSEs to go forward in their lives. Tom our youngest son works for North Wales Police in IT and is in the throws of organising remote working for senior members of the team and ensuring mobile contact at all time. All things considered we decided to speak on the phone and shared “Face time”. Not quite the same, but a necessary precaution.
I would like to stress that close contact is not necessary to keep in touch and share our experiences. There must be many in our society who live more remotely without human contact or have less family around them and we must all make an effort to keep in touch and make that telephone call!

Currently during the summer of 2020 we may not have the enjoyment of agricultural events and shows and sales which will remain either cancelled or unconfirmed for some time.

Going forward I just know we can all look forward to another AGM weekend in future years, but in the meantime I would like to reflect that we are more than a sheep society, we are a large group of friends with the common interest of keeping the wonderful Jacob Sheep. Let’s look after one another and keep in touch.

Best wishes to you all and please stay safe
Ron King
Jacob Sheep Society


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