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OCT 2015.


“2015  has been a packed year for many of our youngsters, with many show and sale classes crammed with enthusiastic knowledgeable

Jacob Young Shepherds.

Benjamin Clay impressed the Judge for the final of the RBST Young Shepherd of the Year, having won his heat at the Royal Three Counties Show. He went on to take the Reserve Champion in the Junior section.


Abigail Higginson then took the Reserve Champion in the Senior section, having qualified at Hope Agricultural Show in Derbyshire, a couple of weeks earlier. The finals were held at the Royal County of Berkshire Show in September.


Reece Fenton had qualified at the Great Yorkshire Show, and he did a sterling job showing his grandfather`s magnificent 4 horn ram. Also in the Senior section Jessie Maynard was showing her favourite Jacob Ram- Ted, to perfection.

Well done to all who had qualified for the culmination of this National Competition, and to all who had competed at the qualifiers, from the north of Scotland, to the tip of Cornwall.

It was an honour to be amongst these young ambassadors who showed great support for each other throughout the two days. A few More pictures from around the region to follow


If you have any images and/ or information of other Young Handlers at the many agricultural events throughout the year, then please forward to me at hayley@meadowland-flock.co.uk  as soon as possible, with the parent`s/guardian`s permission to use these items.”

Yours sincerely,

Hayley H.

February 2015

Up and down the county, youngsters have been helping out with the lambing.

In Wales, Harri has been helping out his Uncle Arwel Jones with feeding and bedding down the lambs.

At the Hurrsdale Flock, Isaac Haworth has been choosing his favourite ram lamb- it looks like he is ready to train it already- so we need to watch out in the show ring this year.

Over in Hampshire, Poppy and Lilly have been helping out with the chores at the Oakdean Flock, and have been loving it!

Please send me more images of the children helping out with your sheep, and these can then go on the Jaclub web page.

I do have a volunteer to help with the Jaclub- I had not  been knocked over in the rush! It is a great job getting to meet the children at the various Shows and Sales, and listening to their stories about their favourite sheep.

Hayley Higginson


Please click here to read a press release for the new event called “National Young Show Stars Challenge” on April 2nd 2015 at 3 Countries Show Ground, Malvern


Our youngsters have been out and about showing their sheep, including Adam Christies from Aberdeenshire. He has his own flock (Adamski) and he won the Breed Champion with a home bred ewe lamb and then went on to win the overall Champion Young Shephard, all at Grantown Show.

 Jacobs were represented at the RBST Young Shephard National Championship at The Royal Berkshire Show by Owain Jenkins, Abigail Higginson and Caitlin Fincham, who all did a sterling job. Eleanor Cassie won her age group with a Hebridean, but she has a successful flock of Jacobs (Drumoak) back home in Leicestershire.  

This may be my last report, as I feel it is time for a fresh person to take over what is at the moment a web page based report section only. Someone out there must have some new ideas on how to progress with the Jaclub. This may mean expanding to organising a National event, where there are not events organised in a region, or Junior Shephard events, something which we have attempted in the past with some success.

If you would like to discuss becoming the new Jaclub person, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07866 988 074. I will be pleased to continue to recieve any reports and images.

June 2014 News

Having read the Journal I have some pictures of my son Noah (19 months) and nephew Charlie (5) with our flock. He bought one of his own Jacobs at the sale last year. I have attached the photos. 
I also asked Charlie about the Jacobs and lambing these are his words in response to my questions:
“At lambing I had to check the Jacobs in the morning and after school for new lambs. I went to the stable by myself. I got on the lambing box to see because the door was too high. Once I found a sheep that was lambing. I went home and phoned uncle Ben to tell him some slime was hanging out of her bottom. When I came home from school my lambs were born. Uncle Ben says my sheep was the cheapest and had the best lambs. 
My Dad scanned the Jacobs and said mine was having two lambs. I thought I would have a boy and a girl but I had two boys. I am going to see one for some money. I am keeping my other ram lamb to take to Cheshire show.
I took my friend Tom to see the lambs and he held one. I took a boy and a girl lamb to my school and I told them all about lambing. My friends liked holding them. When I am bigger I want to be a shepherd. “
Kind Regards

March 2014 News

My wishes in the last Journal were answered and images have started to come in from the seasons shows of our talented youngsters in action.

Seren and Caitlin Carpenter persuaded their cousin, Morgan Whitelock, to join them in the classes at the Three Counties Show and they are seen here concentrating all their efforts into getting their lambs to stand well to catch the eye of the judge. 

Some of our Jaclub members qualified at the big regional shows, to go to the final of the RBST Young Handler final held at The Royal Berkshire Show in September. Beth Fincham and Eleanor Cassie both showed some of the rare breeds of sheep they have and did very well. Tom Britten worked hard at showing his ram in the senior class and was awarded 7th in a big class. Abbie Higginson showed her favourite ewe lamb ( as trained by her in the summer)- Kanga. When the youngsters went into the ring it was cold, and by the time they all came out the temperature had increased several degrees, and they and the sheep were exhausted.

These children all tried their very hardest and they were a credit to our Society. Many of we adults could learn from their efforts and showmanship, and we have to envy their talent at such young ages.

Now my want list for the next Journal is for images of you at the Sales in the Autumn. How did you help to get the sheep ready? Could you understand what the Auctioneer was saying?

I am continuing the quiz from the last Journal (for the most old sayings about the weather) until January, so that you will have chance to find some over the Christmas Holidays. You can ask anyone to help, and they may win a prize too for helping you!

I wish all the Jaclub members a happy spring full of great lambs, which reminds me – we have had no images in 2013 of you with your lambs at all!! Lets change that for 2014.

Please sennd your photos to: Hayley Higginson. Meadowview House, 162 Holmes Chapel Road, Somerford, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4QB. Tel: 01260 299851. Email to hayley@meadowland-flock.co.uk


July 2013 News

I do not have any images for this edition from any “Jaclubbers”- as I have not had any all Summer from anyone. I know there must be images out there somewhere, as I keep hearing about some great results in the Show-rings up and down the Country. So if you have an image of you in the ring with your favourite sheep, please let me know, and we would be delighted to include it ( with permission from your parents of course).

I have also not had any images this year of anyone with their lambs, these would also be gratefully accepted and used. Please send them with a few words to let me know what tasks you have had to do to look after your sheep.

Since we are sweltering in a heat wave as I write this report, the competition will be to let me have as many sayings as you can about the weather- I think you may have to ask some adults to help with this, and this is definitely allowed! There will be prizes for the most sayings collected- and I am going to start you off below:


– Red sky at night- shepherds delight


– If the first day of July be rainy weather, it will rain for four weeks together.


Please let me know who has helped you  and we may even let them have a prize too!!


Please send any items for the Jaclub report in the Journal or for the Web Page, to me at:


Or to – Mrs H V Higginson, Meadowview House, 162 Holmes Chapel Road, Somerford, Congleton, Cheshire. CW12 4QB.


February 2013 News

Iona Keys has sent me a great image of a four-horn sheep on her family’s Ardentrive Farm. Thank you to Iona!

The family of Beth Fincham have been showing sheep for many years. Beth has kindly sent in a superb report on how she started showing and how much she enjoys it. We look forward to seeing her showing in 2013!

Click here to read Beth’s Report.

Please keep on sending me images and articles, it is great to hear all about your flocks. Has anyone made a picture of the new lambs? Is anyone bottle feeding lambs? If so perhaps you can let me have a picture of you at work, or you can write and tell me all about it all to hayley@meadowland-flock.co.uk or to Hayley Higginson, Meadowview House, 162 Holmes Chapel Road, Somerford, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4QB

January 2013 News

The Jaclubbers have been very busy at the end of 2012, including attending the Shows and Sales where there were Jacob Sheep. Tom Collins went to see the Jacobs at Melton Mowbray and ended up meeting with Adam Henson. We are not sure which bit Tom enjoyed the most, seeing the sheep or meeting his hero!
Zachary Lindsey went to the Central Region Flock Visit this Autumn to see the Bentley Flock ( Mr and Mrs Partridges sheep). He then drew this great picture showing the splendid 4 horn sheep and the magnificent bird of prey there.
During the very many wet days where the Jaclub members could not get out and about to tend to their sheep, some have been busy making model Jacob Sheep. Abbie Higginson started the challenge to make a sheep, and then Lloyd and Alex Greenhalf have produced some great animals.
Can anyone else provide me with an image of a sheep ( of course a Jacob!) that they have made. There will be prizes for the winning entries! The adults must not be tempted, as this is just for the under 12`s (and they would not be very good at this anyway!).
I wish all the Jaclub members a Happy New Year for 2013- and a Happy Lambing. Please do not hesitate to send me any images or reports for the Jaclub Page and Journal ( with permission from an adult). We would be delighted to use as many as possible.
Hayley Higginson
Meadowview House,
162 Holmes Chapel Road,
CW12 4QB

From School Children to Shepherds – Living Lambing Live

Tom & Joanna Collins have sent in the following article, which tells the story of their first year with their sheep. 

If you have written any article for school or for a local newspaper like Tom & Joanna, then please send me a copy as we would be delighted to read about your adventurs as well.

To download & read Tom & Joanna’s story please click here.

You can email your stories to me on hayley@meadowland-flock.co.uk or send them by post to me at:

Hayley Higginson
Meadowview House,
162 Holmes Chapel Road,


Fun Jacob Sheep Masks

JSS member Caroline Gould has created these fun Jacob sheep masks featuring a two-horned ram, a four-horned ewe and lamb. What a great project to do while on half-term!


  • Click on the image of each mask to download a PDF version.
  • Print out the masks preferably onto thick card.
  • Cut around each mask, carefully following the lines. Take care as scissors are sharp, so get an adult to help you!
  • Carefully cut out the eyes on each mask so that you can see through when wearing it. This bit might be tricky so again get an adult ot help you.
  • Make a small hole where the white dots are on the ears of the lamb and ewe masks and in the centre of the horns on the ram mask. Thread a length of elastic through the holes and tie a knot at each end.
  • Now your mask is ready to wear! Have fun!


It has been brought to our attention that there could be concerns if images are held on our Facebook and Jaclub pages of children under the age of eighteen where the consent of a parent has not been given. 

To ensure that the Jacob Sheep Society is fully inline with the NSPCC best practice guidelines, you must ask your parents to complete the attached form and return it to Robert Locker by post or by email within 14 days, to give their consent to the continued display of the photographs, Facebook profile pictures that you have posted to our Facebook page. Your parents can at their discretion, give consent for a specific photograph or alternitavely, they may give blanket consent to any photograph you may post in the future.

For Parental Consent Form click here

Thank you


Merry Christmas!

Why not have a go at the Jaclub totally sheepy wordsearch over the Christmas holidays? The name of a Christmas carol is hidden within the wordsearch. If you find it then please let me know and a prize will be sent out to you!

You can email your answer to me on hayley@meadowland-flock.co.uk or send your answer by post to me at:

Hayley Higginson
Meadowview House,
162 Holmes Chapel Road,
CW12 4QB

This competition is open to any child under 12 years old, who is a relative or friend of an existing JSS member. Please include the child’s name and address plus the name and membership number of the JSS member if possible. Please note the child’s address will not be shown on the website. Looking forward to receiving your competition entries! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all and all the best for a happy lambing!

Hayley Higginson

Jaclub News October 2011

Jaclub members have been so busy this summer and autumn, firstly with showing and then with selling their Jacob sheep.

Reece Fenton even managed to spread the Jacob message to Royalty. He chatted away to Prince Charles at The Great Yorkshire Show whilst competing in the Young Handlers Class. I am not sure if Reece managed to sell the Prince any sheep- if he has his Grandad’s (John Fozzard) selling skills then I am sure Prince Charles is putting in his order now!

All the Jaclub members were invited to a ‘Young Handlers Day’ by very kind invitation of the Carpenter family and a brilliant day was had by all. 

Jean Simmons and Freda Fozzard began the day by by demonstrating how to behave in the showring and some adults were even seen to be taking notes! John Fozzard went through the points to look out for when picking out possible show sheep and then everyone went through the process of putting on halters- something that we can all find difficult when rushing at a show!


The Carpenter’s sheep were also used as guinea-pigs for some first attempts at carding, trimming and for the art of turning over a sheep!

Then it was competition time. Margie Rushbrooke put the Seniors, Juniors and Novice handlers through their paces. The results were as follows:

Novice – 1st Morgan Whitelock, 2nd Eleanor Cassie, 3rd Rhiannon Whitelock and Archie Yearps

Junior – 1st Caitlin Carpenter, 2nd Sam Gogan, 3rd Harry Britten and Nathan Brace

Senior – 1st Cameron Cassie, 2nd Tom Britten, 3rd Seren Carpenter and Reece Fenton


Thank you to Jean Simmons for organising the event and to John and Freda Fozzard for their great patience and enthusiasm in demonstrating the skills needed for handling sheep. Margie Rushbrooke was a great judge and was very encouraging to all the entrants. I send a very special thank you to the Carpenter family for opening their home and farm to all attending and most especially to Kay who provided me with the above report and images from the day.

 Abbie Higginson was successful at the Hope Show on the bank holiday Monday at the Hope Show in Derbyshire by winning her first ever Young Handlers Class with Meadowland Trixie, a lamb she has trained herself. Congratulations Abbie!

Do not forget to send me pictures of your showing adventures over the summer months. It would be great if you could send me more articles or even just pictures of you and your sheep at the Sales but remember to please get an adult’s permission before sending me any items.

All the best! 


Hayley Higginson
Meadowview House,
162 Holmes Chapel Road,
CW12 4QB

Email- hayley@meadowland-flock.co.uk

Young Handlers Event 28th August 2011

Click here for your entry form for the Young Handlers Event on 28th August 2011

 JACLUB News – June 2011

“Members of the Jaclub have been busy this spring helping with the lambing and raising these lambs. Since then some have been going to the shows with their Jacob Sheep. Caitlin and Seren Carpenter both
worked hard at the Three Counties Show, where they were both placed in huge classes of Young Handlers. Caitlin Fincham has been showing with her family. Abbie Higginson picked out her favourite lamb in the Meadowland Flock, called her Trixie, washed and trained her and they have been out together to the Staffordshire and Cheshire County Shows.
I would be pleased to receive any photos of you with your lambs this year.  There will be prizes for the best photos sent to me ( please ask an adult for permission first and remember to include your name and
the sheep`s name if it has one!)
Nathan and Reece ( John and Freda Fozzards grandchildren) won the last competition for the best ( or perhaps worst) joke !
“ What can you use to smooth out Walruses- Seal Irons!!!”
It is often said that we need to have a sense of humour to keep sheep- if so then Nathan and Reece will do well!!
Let me know if you are going to any of the sales in the Autumn with any Jacobs- perhaps you can draw me a picture of the sale ring- with the auctioneer and the sheep-can you understand what the
auctioneer is saying- not all adults do!!! 


Abbie Higginson getting to know the ewes and the freshly turned out lambs at the Meadowland Flock in Cheshire.The ewe lamb on the left is now her lamb and is called Trixie. They have been since placed in Young Handlers Classes at Cheshire and Staffordshire County Shows.


Pictured above (left) is Caitlin Carpenter showing in the Young Handlers Class at Three Counties Show. Caitlin Fincham is pitcured (right) showing her family’s fine ram. The last picture shows Caitlin Carpenter and her sister Seren showing their sheep at the Three Counties Show.

From Olivia

This is our new Border Collie puppy, Fell. My grandma bought him from a farmer when she went on holiday in the Lake District, the hills there are called fells hence his name. When I first saw him I thought his face looked like a badger’s so I gave him a second name; Fell Badger. I am teaching him to jump over poles and through a hoop as I want to do agility classes with him. He is very good at jumping but is more interested in chewing the hoop! Still, he is only 4 months old. Grandma will teach him to help with the sheep as he grows up I will send some more photos as he progresses. I have only managed to get to one show this year – Stafford County, but I hope to take lambs out to the Ashbourne show and go to the Young Handler’s day on August 28th.

All the best 

Hayley Higginson
Meadowview House,
162 Holmes Chapel Road,
CW12 4QB.
Email- hayley@meadowland-flock.co.uk

 JACLUB News – February 2011

I have received some great( or terrible- what do you think!) Christmas Cracker Jokes and I have put the best ( or worst!) below for you- Why don`t you try them out on your family, just when they think they are safe!!
These are from Nathan and Reece ( grandsons of John and Freda Fozzard). Many thanks to you all!
–  What can you use to smooth out Walruses
–  Seal Irons!
–  What do you call 2 spiders who have just got married?
–  Newly Webbed!
–  Why should you avoid hedghogs in the morning?
–  Because they are a bit prickly!
Please do not forget to send me any pictures you have taken of your model farm. You could also send me news of any lambs you are helping with.


My daughter Abbie has ‘invented’ a new version of Snakes & Ladders – our version is ‘Worms and Winners’ – have a go for yourselves. Best Wishes, Hayley.


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