Welcome to the news page for the Northern Region, which includes the counties of North, South, East and West Yorkshire, Lancashire, Northumberland, Cleveland and Cumbria.

Acting Regional Council Member

Mr Geoff Wood

Moorhouse Farm cottage,




Northern Region Update - May, June 2017

Geoff wood, Acting RCM Northern Region

It was nice to see some lovely weather in May but unfortunately it did not last and the rain came down on the first two northern shows. However this did not spoil the days.

Showing Results:-


Champion – Clive Richardson

Reserve champion – Clive Richardson

Great Harwood

Champion – Kevin Gaskell

Reserve champion – Geoff & Sheila Wood


Champion – Clive Richardson

Reserve champion – Clive Richardson

Next to come was our open day in early June which attracted a good turnout, around 75 people. The weather was good and everyone had a good day with some positive discussions on flock competitions and Tay-Sachs. Our thanks to all who attended and all who helped to put on a wonderful day.

Our next show was the Royal Cheshire in scorching temperatures on 30°C which saw Clive Richardson win the championship and ourselves the reserve, this was out of some really strong class and quality of sheep. This good weather saw us get some really good hay before we set off to the Royal Highland Show where the weather deteriorated on Friday but saw Connor & Dalrymple take the championship and young Adam Christie the reserve. Now we are getting ready for the Great Yorkshire Show this next week, so hopefully will see a lot of you there.

Thanks to everybody once again for your help on our open day.

Geoff Wood

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