2020 Lamb Fleece Competition Results

Thanks to all those who took the time to enter this competition.

The results are in..!..and can be seen by clicking the link here to download the results sheet

Jacob Fleece

JSS UK Virtual Young Handler 2020. – Class Results

A massive well done to all that entered the Virtual Young Handlers Competition 2020 with JSS UK.

It really was a pleasure to receive the photos, videos, pictures and essays. It makes me incredibly proud and also extremely confident that the future of the Jacob Society is truly in excellent hands.

You have each shown enthusiasm for the task and great showing skills, that many adults would be at a loss to master.

Thank you all for your entries and I am certain that your work efforts here will also be showcased in our next Journal, so look out for that! Especially well done to the Champion Nia Lewis,

JSS Young Handler Overall Champion

I hope you all agree that whilst everyone was amazing she was exceptional !

Central Junior – 1st Tobias Gunter 2nd Dalton Schaschke 3rd Vincent Gunter Intermediate – 1st Alice Collett

Eastern Junior – 1st Harry Sandall Intermediate – 1st George Sandall

Ireland Junior – 1st Charlie Beatty Intermediate – 1st Mia Beatty Senior – 1st Alex Colhoun – Overall Reserve Champion

Northern Intermediate – 1st Matthew Benson 2nd Ella Wilson 3rd Joe Edmondson

Scotland Junior – 1st Enid James Senior – 1st Stephanie Crozier

South Western Junior – 1st Charlotte Jasper Intermediate – 1st Olivia Martin 2nd William Jasper 3rd Archie Jasper Senior – 1st Kayleigh Rennie

Southern (and overseas) Intermediate – 1st Carli Anne Goss

Wales Intermediate – 1st Gwenllian Evans Senior- 1st Nia Lewis – Overall Champion




Open to members from all regions

Saturday 29 August 2020

Free to Enter

entries close Monday 10 August 2020

samples to be received by Saturday 15 August 2020

 Rosettes sponsored by

 British Wool Marketing Board

Prizes sponsored by Bob & Paula Bramley, Millvale Flock

Judge – Liz Roberts

For details please download the PDF by clicking here

The Virtual Young Handlers JSS

UK competition has 3 parts; photos, video and a task dependent on age.

The attached will hopefully help give information about the video section and what it requires.

Please remember all regions are invited to be involved. Lets make the most of a non show season !

Have fun !


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Young Handlers Competition
Young Handlers Competition 2020

Whilst we are in lockdown and many shows have had to cancel the society is running a virtual young handlers competition.
Each region will be judged individually, then there will be an overall national championship.


Closing date for entries and images in for Judging has extended to 9th August 2020
Results will be issued on 16th August 2020

1. Under 8 years old
2. 8 years to 12 years old
3. 13 years to 18 years old

Champion Young Handler
Reserve Champion Young Handler

For schedule and entry forms please contact Kay Carpenter on woodgreenfarm@btinternet.com

FOR A FULL LIST OF CONDITIONS email woodgreenfarm@btinternet.com
• Open to any young handler using any registered JSS Member’s Jacob sheep
• Entries limited to 100 on a first come basis
• Winners will be kindly asked to submit a photograph of themselves and sheep with their rosette. Permission will be sought to use photographs for publicity by the JSS.
• Young Handlers will be judged by region, then the Winners from each class in each region will be put forward into an overall Championship and Reserve.
• All adult sheep must be registered with the Jacob Sheep Society

• FOR ALL CLASSES: Three photographs will be required of the Young Handler showing them at any stage of preparing the sheep they intend to show.

• FOR ALL CLASSES: One short video will be required of the Young Handler leading the sheep and then, on standing the sheep up, they must talk about the Jacob breed standards. Maximum time of entire video 6 minutes, no minimum time set.

• FOR CLASSES 1 AND 2: One drawing or model of the ideal Jacob sheep, to be photographed and submitted.

• FOR CLASS 3: Submit an essay (no minimum but maximum words would cover 1 side of A4 in font size 12) detailing either
(i) the most difficult thing you have had to overcome with your sheep or
(ii) your greatest accomplishment with your sheep

VR3C Show Results

It’s with thanks to the Royal Three Counties Show and our Jacob Judge John Emberton that we can announce the winning line up for the Virtual Royal Three Counties Show. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all those who entered..!  

Class 1 Rams    Place
 102L Trumper & Family   1 
 101L Trumper & Family   2 
 103Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey   3 
 112Kay Carpenter   4 
 106Hayley Higginson   5 
 110Jane & Alan Nightingale   6 
 Class 2 Ewes   Place 
 203The Trumper Family   1 
 206Chris Slee   2 
 202Bob & Paula Bramley   3 
 205Hayley Higginson   4 
 201Bob & Paula Bramley   5 
 207Kay Carpenter   6 
 Class 3 Shearling Ewes 24 in the class Place 
 305Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey   1 
 302L Trumper & Family   2 
 307Lesley Partridge   3 
 306Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey   4 
 303Bob & Paula Bramley   5 
 313Seren Carpenter   6 
 322Tom Britten   7 
 301L Trumper & Family   8 
 311Jane & Alan Nightingale   9 
 326Tom Lewis   10 
 308Lesley Partridge   11 
 324Rachel Ball   12 
 Class 4 Ram Lambs 18 in the class Place 
 406Lesley Partridge   1 
 408Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey   2 
 409Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey   3 
 401Bob & Paula Bramley   4 
 407Jane & Alan Nightingale   5 
 417Lisa Hutchins   6 
 410Hayley Higginson   7 
 405Lesley Partridge   8 
 416Kay Carpenter   9 
 Class 5 Ewe Lambs 25 in the class Place 
 509Bob & Paula Bramley   1 
 502L Trumper & Family   2 
 510Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey   3 
 511Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey   4 
 513Jane & Alan Nightingale   5 
 517Kay Carpenter   6 
 514Chris Slee   7 
 524Rachel Ball   8 
 503Lesley Partridge   9 
 504Lesley Partridge   10 
 501L Trumper & Family   11 
 506Hayley Higginson   12 
 Champion Male     
 102L Trumper & FamilyCH   
 101L Trumper & FamilyRES   
 Champion Female      
 305Jerry Strong & Lorna HendeyCH   
 509Bob & Paula BramleyRES   
 Breed Champion     
 102L Trumper & FamilyCH 
 305Jerry Strong & Lorna HendeyRES 


The Jacob Sheep Society’s new calendar editor is Sarah Weaver who will be receiving and selecting photographs for the 2021 calendar, arranging printing, and posting them out to members in due course. Closing date for the receipt of digital photographs for consideration is July 31st and photographs should be e-mailed to sarah.weaver4475@gmail.com.

Calendars should be ordered through our merchandising coordinator, Lorna Hendey, via the on-line shop at https://sales.jacobsheepsociety.com

Central Region 2020 Dates

The Central Region has an exciting year ahead in 2020 and I hope as many of you will be able to join us at the events listed below.  The Central Region events are open to all JSS members, not just Central Region members, and to anyone who is thinking of starting a flock of Jacobs.

It is a wonderful opportunity to find out more about the breed and to get some advice.

“Due to Covid-19 we have had to cancel the Central Region Open Day, which was to be held on the 17th May.  Robin Hill and Kate Phillipson have very kindly agreed to postpone the event until May 2021.”

(by kind invitation of Robin Hill and Kate Phillipson)

Robin and Kate have a flock of 20 breeding ewes.  The Open Day will be held at their farm which is near Suckley in Worcester.  The morning will start with a farm walk and an opportunity to visit the flock and this year’s crop of lambs.  After lunch there will be a demonstration of blade shearing, which is the traditional way of shearing without using electrical clippers.  A demonstration of how to make traditional wooden sheep hurdles out of sweet chestnut and willow.  An optional activity at the end of day will be a bee keeping demonstration.  The application form will be posted on the website at the end of February.

Due to Covid-19 the NSA Sheep Event 2020 at Malvern, which was to have been held on Tuesday 28th July 2020, has been moved to Monday 19th October 2020

19th October 2020 – NSA Event at Malvern

(Central Region representing JSS)

The NSA event at Malvern, which is held biannually is always an interesting day out for sheep breeders.  Please remember to come and say hello to members of the Central Region, who will be manning the JSS stand.

Tuesday 4 August 2020 – Worcester Show & Sale – Judge Scott Dalrymple

“Due to Covid-19 it has been decided to postpone the Central Region Flock Competition until 2021”

25/26/27 September 2020 – Flock Competition – Judge James Leonard

Due to Covid-19 it has been decided to cancel this year’s Autumn Meeting and AGM, which was to be held on Sunday 11th October.  The event was going to be held at the farm of Tom Lewis and his family but we hope that we will be able to visit their farm in 2021

Sunday 11 October 2020 – Autumn Meeting and AGM

(by kind invitation of Tom Lewis and family)

Tom Lewis has a flock of 27 breeding ewes.  The farm is near Whitchurch in Shropshire.

Autumn Meeting & AGM – October 2019

Held at,

Saltway Jacobs

Grove Farm, Droitwich Road,

Feckenham, Redditch B96 6JA

07761 695120


by kind invitation of Terry and Berni Barker

The final event of the year was a truly wonderful visit to the farm of Terry and Berni Barker in Worcestershire on Sunday 13th October.

Both Terry and Berni had worked incredibly hard to provide a fascinating day and under very trying circumstances with nearly three weeks of solid rain preceding the Autumn Meeting.

The day started with a tour of the farm and an opportunity to visit their flock of 50 Jacob ewes, which were looking magnificent and were greatly admired.  Terry and Berni had organized various demonstrations which included how to process and clean wool without using chemicals and how to do your own FEC (Faecal Egg Count).  They had also organized a scavenger hunt which proved to be great fun.

After lunch there was a fascinating talk by a vet, Dr Sophie Aylett BVSc MRCVS, from Meadow Farm Veterinary Surgeons.

The talk was on the subject of Toxoplasmosis and Enzootic Abortion in Sheep followed by a question and answer session.  Sophie gave the most interesting and informative talk.  I have to say greatly helped by the fact that Terry had provided a sound system so that everyone to easily hear what she had to say.

Following the talk Hayley Higginson then gave the results and presentations for The Annual Central Region Young Shepherd Competition, which she so efficiently organizes each year.

Results of the Central Region Young Handlers Competition:

Up to 6 years and under:

  1. Equal – Dalton Schaschke & Toby Gunter
  2. Isla Beard
  3. Vinnie Gunter
  4. equal Bertie Stanley & Iona Stanley

7 to 14 years:

  1. Isobel Cartwright
  2. Ruben Beard
  3. Alice Collett
  4. Charlotte Cartwright
  5. Poppy Dixon

15 to 18 years:

  1. Caitlin Carpenter
  2. Abbie Higginson
  3. Tom Lewis
  4. Ben Clay

The overall champion: Caitlin Carpenter

Reserve champion: Abbie Higginson

Sadly, Caitlin Carpenter was not at the Autumn Meeting to collect her awards as she was busy successfully delivering a heifer calf back at home.  There was a special mention for Caitlin Carpenter, Charlotte Cartwright and Abbie Higginson who represented the Jacob Sheep Society at the National Young Stars and who came 3rd.  Many congratulations and thanks to all three.

To complete the day the Central Region held their annual AGM.

Our huge thanks to Terry and Berni.  It was an exceptional day and we are very grateful to them both.

2020 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for the Central Region.  Please do contact me if you have any problems.  Although I may not be able to help you personally, I can always find someone to sort our any issues.  My contact number is 01335 360247 and email address is lucy@culland.co.uk

Central Region Open Day – Sunday 19th May 2019

Held at The Old Post Office, Moddershall, Stone, Staffordshire ST15 8TG

by kind invitation of Bob and Paula Bramley

The Millvale Flock was founded in 2006 with the purchase of three 2 horned shearling ewes with the intention of keeping the grass under control on their five- acre holding.  The flock consists of 10 breeding ewes and is run as a closed flock with three distinct bloodlines.

The current flock includes 7 championship or reserve winning ewes.  Rams from Camster, Elmley, Nutwood and Whowells have been influential alongside home bred rams, Millvale Oak, Buccaneer and Willow.  At present they have 2 shearling rams, Millvale Dylan and Border Tempest.

The Bramley’s have been showing for about ten years and in 2013 they received their first championship.  The Millvale flock has been successful in the show ring and in the Central Region flock competitions.

The Moddershall Valley in Staffordshire is stunningly beautiful and home to Bob and Paula Bramley’s Millvale Jacob flock which was the location for the Central Region Spring Open Day.

About 55 people came and enjoyed the day.  The weather was good so everyone gathered around outside pens to hear a talk by Clive Richardson on how to assess and select ram lambs.

The Bramley’s didn’t have many ewe lambs born this year, but they had an abundance of ram lambs so there was plenty of ‘material’ to discuss.  Wisely, Clive refused to be drawn on which was the ‘best’ one, but he gave very good advice leaving people with the knowledge to make their own judgements.

Afterwards, there was an opportunity to wander around the smallholding to view the rest of the flock, including two superb shearling rams Border Tempest and home bred Millvale Dylan (pictured below).

Central Region Open Day
Border Tempest and home bred Millvale Dylan

Everyone enjoyed an excellent lunch of hot pasties, salads and an amazing selection of puddings.

While everyone was relaxing after the feast, Clive was put to work again! He gave an interesting and often humorous talk on the history of wool and how the English language has evolved around the wool industry.  Expressions such as ‘pulling the wool over someone’s eyes’ and ‘being fleeced’.

If you are a new member or simply have never been to an Open Day, please join us in the Autumn at Terry and Berni Barker’s farm near Redditch (date to be announced soon).  The Open Days are a wonderful opportunity to meet people and learn from the experts.  You will be made to feel very welcome.

2018 Events

Reflecting on the very busy year that the Central Region has had in 2018, I was struck by how fortunate I am to have such a supportive and proactive committee by my side.

Not only do I have the support of the committee members, but their other halves are always ready to add their huge contribution.

This year at the Royal Three Counties Show, the organizers decided to introduce a new feature for the visitors called. “Farming Heros”.  They were looking for exhibitors to provide impromptu talks about their animals and answer questions from the public.  Lorna Hendey organized the JSS contribution to this new venture.  John Emberton, Gareth Jones and Lyndon Trumper hosted a day each.

Jean Simmons, John Emberton, Mark and Margie Rushbrooke organized the JSS stand at Malvern on the 27th July.  Stan Taylor brought along a very fine ram and Richard Chapman a very attractive ewe with a pair of crossbred lambs at foot, which created much discussion and interest.  Various members of the Central Region committee manned the stand throughout the actual day and it attracted a great deal of interest from members of the public.

The next big event for the Central Region was the Show & Sale held at Worcester on the 7th August.  I would like to thank John Emberton and Jean Simmons who helped with the preparation of the Sale and the running of the Show.  Gareth Jones judged the Show with great efficiency.  Prices for shearling ewes were on average higher than last year, which was remarkable considering the extremely testing time sheep farmers have had to endure with a harsh winter followed by a shortage of grass due to the extreme weather conditions.

In September the Central Region had their biannual Flock Competition with Barbara Webster and Jennifer Milton agreeing to judge.  They travelled considerable distances visiting 17 flocks which was a marathon/endurance test, having to deal with endless road works which seem to bedevil the Central Region.  Both Barbara and Jennifer were incredibly generous with their time.  Best small flock was won by Bob and Paula Bramley; best large flock Jerry Strong and Lorna Hendey; best group of ewe lambs David and Lesley Partridge; best 4 horn ram Stan Taylor; best 2 horn ram Jerry Strong and Lorna Hendey and best ram lamb Jerry Strong and Lorna Hendey.  Overall Champion went to Jerry Strong and Lorna Hendey.

The last event of the year was a truly wonderful visit to the farm of Jonathan and Annabelle Crump in Gloucestershire, which is situated on the Cotswold escarpment overlooking the Severn Vale.  The Burford flock of Jacobs was established 40 years ago and the Crumps have their wool processed to produce blankets, shawls and scarves.  The farm has a herd of Gloucesters, with 25 milking cows producing delicious Double and Single Gloucester cheeses.  Gloucesters were very close to extinction in the 1970s so it was wonderful to see these beautiful animals in such an idyllic setting.  Tamworth and Gloucester Old Spot pigs with two litters of piglets were a great attraction.  After a spectacular tractor and trailer ride, there was a fascinating visit to the cheese dairy.  60 of us then had lunch, which included the Crumps delicious ham and cheese.  It was a very special and magical day.  At the end of the day we had the AGM and the results and presentations for the Flock Competition.  Hayley Higginson then gave the results and presentations for The Annual Young Shepherd Competition, which she so efficiently organizes each year.

Results of the Central Region Young Handlers Competition:

Up to 12 years:

1.      Charlotte Cartwright

2.      equal – Tobias Austin Gunter & Ruben Beard

3.      equal – Bertie Stanley & Isla Beard

4.      equal – Rory Dumbleton & Dalton Schaschke

Special mention – Vincent Gunter


1.      Isobel Cartwright

2.      Leah Dixon

3.      Poppy Dixon

4.      Charlie Dumbleton


1.      Tom Lewis

2.      Abbie Higginson

3.      Caitlin Carpenter

4.      Equal – Seren Carpenter & Will Bloor

The overall champion: Tom Lewis

Reserve champion: Abbie Higginson.

2018 Flock Competition Results

Class 1 – Best Small Flock:1st – Robert & Paula Bramley2nd – Sally Brothwell3rd – Sean KirbyClass 2 – Best Large Flock:1st – Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey2nd – David & Lesley Partridge3rd – Robin Hill
Class 3 – Group of Ewe Lambs:1st – David & Lesley Partridge2nd – Robert & Paula Bramley3rd – Ridout & HigginsonClass 4 – Best 4 horn ram:1st – Stanley Taylor2nd – David & Lesley Partridge3rd – David & Lesley Partridge
Class 4 – Best 2 horn Ram:1st – Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey2nd – Sally Brothwell3rd – Tom LewisClass 5 – Best Ram Lamb:1st – Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey2nd – Terry & Berni Barker3rd  – Ridout & Higginson

The Anne Rowberry Salver for the best 4 horn flock: David & Lesley Partridge

The Dixon Trophy for the best 2 horn flock:  Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey

The Bentley Trophy for the best 4 horn male:  Stanley Taylor

The Homelea Trophy for the best 2 horn male:  Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey

The Nutwood Trophy for the best group of ewe lambs:  David & Lesley Partridge

The Culland Trophy for the best ram lamb:  Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey

Overall Champion Flock:  Jerry Strong & Lorna Hendey

Jacob Sheep Society

Central Region Autumn Meeting

Sunday 7th October 2018 – 11.00am

Was held at, Standish Park Farm, Stonehouse,

Gloucestershire, GL10 3DG

by kind invitation of Jonathan and Annabelle Crump  Standish Park Farm is a tenanted 300 acre grassland farm on the Cotswold escarpment overlooking the Severn Vale.  The Burford flock of Jacobs was established 40 years ago.  It originates from one ewe and currently has 30 ewes plus followers. For a number of years the Crumps have had their wool processed to produce blankets, shawls and scarves.  Other sheep on the farm include 150 Lleyns and smaller numbers of Cotswold, Kerry Hill and Olla (their son aged 9) has a flock of Shetlands. The farm also has a herd of about 75 Gloucesters, with 25 milking cows producing Double and Single Gloucester cheese.  They also have Tamworth and Gloucester Old Spot pigs and a variety of rare breed poultry.

18th July 2018 – NSA Event

The JSS had a stand at this years National Sheep Association Event at the Royal Three Counties Showground. The stand looked great and was well manned by JSS volenteers on the day.  


Sunday 20 May 2018

The first event of 2018 held by the Central Region was the very successful day spent on the farm of Sean and Kay Carpenter on Sunday 20 May.

We had a great opportunity to see their Lickhill pedigree Jacob flock and also their daughter’s Serenity pedigree flock.  We also had an opportunity to see their pedigree Texels, pedigree North Country Cheviots and a commercial flock of Mules.  They also have a herd of pedigree South Devon cattle and some prime stock cattle.  We all then had lunch and we were able to indulge in the Carpenter’s delicious own pork, which they had generously donated.  This was followed by equally delicious puddings all donated from the Central Region Committee.

After lunch Clive Roads, the livestock auctioneer predominantly based at Worcester, very kindly gave a talk on “how to sell your sheep to advantage”.  After this fascinating talk, Clive answered a whole range of questions, which then led onto a very interesting discussion.

We are hugely grateful to Clive for giving up a Sunday afternoon and immensely grateful to the Carpenter’s for all their hard work in putting on such a great day.



The final event in the calendar of the Central Region in 2017 was the Autumn Meeting held on Sunday 15th October at the new home of David and Lesley Partridge.  It was a wonderful autumn day with the sun shining on the beautiful Bentley flock.  The day began with a Judges seminar held by the Field Officer, Gordon Conner.  Following the seminar Gordon gave a talk on 4-horned Jacob sheep. There were a number of new members at the Autumn Meeting who had the opportunity to ask questions and had found the whole discussion very helpful and informative. 

Open Day David and Lesley
Open Day David and Lesley

Jacqueline Emberton had generously offered to produce a wool craft display and, together with Kay Dalloway, arranged a very colourful and interesting exhibition.  We are very grateful to Jacqueline for organizing the display. 

wool craft display
wool craft display

Another interesting attraction was the fleece competition. There was a good number of entries most of which were of a very high standard.  Lesley kindly agreed to judge and the winning fleece belonged to Jonathan Crump.

Open Day David and Lesley
Fleece Competition

In the afternoon there was a moment of celebration within the Central Region, when we marked the 80th birthday of Jean Blacknell and the 90th birthdays of Stan and Beryl Taylor.   This was then followed by the presentation of the Central Region Young Handler’s Trophies by Hayley Higginson.

Central Region Young Handler’s Trophies
Central Region Young Handler’s Trophies

The results of the Young Handler’s Competition are as follows:

Up to 12 years:

  1. Leah Dixon
  2. Charlie Dumbleton
  3. Isobel & Charlotte Cartwright
  4. Poppy Dixon
  5. Thomas Partridge


  1. Abbie Higginson
  2. Benjamin Clay
  3. Caitlin Carpenter
  4. Will Bloor


  1. Seren Carpenter
  2. Tom Lewis
  3. Olivia Cartwright

Overall Champion:       Abbie Higginson

Reserve Champsion:     Seren Carpenter

Many congratulations to Abbie and Seren and for all those who competed.  There is a great deal of talent exhibited in these young shepherds.

 The day ended with the region’s AGM.  A huge thank you to David, Lesley Partridge and their family for all their hard work in making the day such a success. 

Stan and Beryl Taylor
Stan and Beryl Taylor

In October we heard the sad news of the death of Beryl Taylor.  Beryl was such an integral part of the Central Region and a much loved member of the Society.  We will all miss her tremendously.

This year the Central Region will be representing the Jacob Sheep Society at Malvern at the NSA event to be held on the 18th July.  Please do come and support this event.  This year’s Show & Sale will be held at Worcester on Tuesday 7th August and Gareth Jones has kindly agreed to be the Judge.  In October we will be holding our bi-annual Flock Competition.  Other events have yet to be finalized so please do check our website.

Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each member of the Central Region Committee.  I am extremely fortunate to have such wonderful support.  For all those Central Region members, please do contact me if there is anything that I can do to help.  I am always pleased to hear from you.     2017 Autumn Meeting – Sunday 15th October 2017To be held courtesy of Mr & Mrs D Partridge.  The Field Officer will be holding a Judges Seminar in the morning.After lunch the Central Region AGM & Presentation of the Central Region Young Handler’s Trophies.For the entry form and details of the Open Day please click here   

Worcester Sale

Report by Howard Walsh

The male and overall champion made the top price of 1,650gns in the Jacob Sheep Society’s central region show and sale in Worcester on Tuesday.

All the top prices came for two-horned sheep and while the day’s ceiling bid fell short of last year, some of the section averages were up.

Sale leader was the home-bred January 2016 born ram Lickhill I’m Batman from Stourport-on- Severn breeders Mr and Mrs S. Carpenter. Having been reserve breed champion at this year’s Three Counties – as its’ sire, ‘Beam Me Up Scottie’,  was in 2015 – it was sold to  B.D. Coe, Harleston, Norfolk.

Second top at 1,200gns was a shearling ram from the Trumper Family, Abergavenny. By Border Windrush out of a Blackbrook ewe, it sold to Messrs Morrish, North Breazle, Okehampton.

Also by Windrush was the reserve overall champion, a shearling ewe from Rhodri Jones, Builth Wells. Born February 2016 and out of a Nettlebed ewe, it went to G. and S. Wood, Scales, Ulverston, at 1,020gns.

Ram lambs topped at 900gns for Border Gambler from Clive Richardson, Ulverston. By his Border Viscount II and out of a home-bred ewe, it sold to Linda Wilson, Aspatria, Wigton, while a ram lamb from the furthest travelled vendor – Adam Christie, Huntly, Aberdeen – made 800gns. Adamski Revel is by Dunmor Antonio.

The dearest ewe lamb at 540gns was a Gobaith Star sired entry from Lesley Partridge, Droitwich. It was bought by Messrs Freshwater, Bicester. The first prize ewe lamb from Jerry Strong and Lorna Hendy, Pershore, was by Nutwood Warrior out of a home-bred Elmley dam and sold at 450gns.


4 flock ewes £181.12 (last year £143.50); 18 shearling ewes £240.33  (£189.37); 36 ewe lambs £195.41 (£200.25); 10 shearling rams £473.55 (£374.42); 21 ram lambs £332.50 £500.18).

Auctioneers: McCartneys.  Open Day – Sunday 14th May 2017  

 Welcome with a cup of coffee, biscuit and meeting old friends 

 Two of the pens with sheep to be assessed 

 Jane and Alan introduce themselves and their farm 

 Ewes with lambs at foot 

 One of the rams 

 Superb food on offer 

 Clive explaining the finer points of assessing the shearling ewes 

 Handling and showing in the ring, discussion and commentary

Central Region News Archive

Central Region Flock Competition Results 2016

Large flock:  1st Deborah Powell

2nd Jane & Alan Nightingale

3rd Higginson and Ridout

Small flock:   1st Bob & Paula Bramley

2nd Angela & John Pountney

3rd  Stan & Beryl Taylor

Champion flock: Bob & Paula Bramley

Best 4 horned male: 1st Stan & Beryl Taylor

2nd David & Lesley Partridge

3rd Jean Blacknell

Best 2 horned male: 1st Bob & Paula Bramley

2nd Lucy Thompson

3rd Jane & Alan Nightingale

Group of ewe lambs: 1st David & Lesley Partridge

2nd Deborah Powell

3rd Jane & Alan Nightingale

Central Region Young Handlers’ Competition

Under 12: 1st Leah Dixon; 2nd Isabel Cartwright; 3rd Charlie Dumbleton;

4th Poppy Dixon; 5th Charlotte Cartwright

Intermediate: 1st Abbie Higginson; 2nd Caitlin Carpenter; 3rd Benjamin Clay

4th Tom Lewis

Senior: 1st Charlotte Heaven; 2nd Amanda Heaven; 3rd Seren Carpenter

Champion: Abbie Higginson; Reserve: Charlotte Heaven

The Autumn Meeting on Sunday the 23rd October at the Worcestershire home of Deborah Powell’s Pard House Flock was a huge success.  Not only did we have the opportunity to see David and Deborah’s Jacob Flock, but also their Belted Galloway cattle and a pedigree herd of Belted Welsh Blacks.  A stunning heifer from their Belted Galloway herd had just calved.  David and Deborah took everyone on a tractor and trailer tour of the farm and also showed John and Angela Pountney’s Woodgates Flock.  It was a wonderful day.  In the afternoon Stephen Harrison and Robert Price announced the results of the Flock Competition and the Presentation of the Central Region Young Handler’s Trophies. The Central Region AGM was also held at this meeting.

All members are welcome at any of the forthcoming events.  We are always pleased to see new members. Please contact Lucy Thompson, the Central Region Council Member, if there is anything she can do to help.  Lucy is always pleased to hear from you.

November 2016 

2016 has been a very busy year for the Central Region.  We started with an Open Day at the home of Jerry Strong and Lorna Hendey on the 15th May.  The next event involved the Central Region representing the Society at the NSA event at Malvern on the 27th July.  We are incredibly grateful to Mark and Margie Rushbrooke for storing and transporting the rather large and bulky Jacob Sheep Society’s stand.  John Emberton had printed some wonderful photographs and eye-catching text.  A really striking photograph of David and Lesley Partridge’s ram, Gobaith Star, could be seen from the other end of the building and certainly helped to draw in the crowds.  Stan Taylor brought a pen of very pretty ewe lambs and Richard Chapman brought a very attractive ewe with a pair of crossbred lambs at foot, which created much discussion and interest.

The stand at the NSA event

The stand at the NSA view 2

The next big event for the Central Region was the Show & Sale held at Worcester on the 2nd August.  I would like to thank John Emberton and Jean Simmons who helped with the preparation of the Sale and the running of the Show.  We were very grateful to Robert Price for judging the Show so efficiently.  It was a really exciting sale with two sale price records being reached.  The top price of 2,600gns was reached for the Trumper’s magnificent shearling ram, Beiliau Freddie, and close behind 2,550gns for the Partridge’s ram lamb, Bentley Stardust.  Many congratulations to the Jones family for winning the Supreme Champion with their ram lamb, Lower Argoed Rhodri and to the Partridge’s for winning Reserve Champion with their ewe lamb.  The results were wonderful, many congratulations to everyone.

At the beginning of October the Central Region held a Flock Competition.  Stephen Harrison and Robert Price kindly agreed to judge the competition and many congratulations to everyone who did so well.

Autumn Meeting

Sunday 23rd October at 11.00am

To be held at, Pard House Farm, Stanford Bridge, Worcester

11.00am   – Arrival changed to Village Hall, Shelsley ( not Stanford Bridge) – Coffee & Biscuits

It would be useful to leave some cars at the village hall to reduce numbers ate the farm
11.30am   – Introduction and tour the Jacob Sheep Flock at the Farm.

This will be followed by a tractor & trailer tour of the farm to include the Belted   Galloway cattle. The tour will also include a visit to the Powell’s adjoining neighbours, John and Angela Pountney, who have the Woodgates Flock and have very kindly offered members the opportunity to see their flock of approximately 14 Jacob ewes.

1.00pm    – Lunch at the Village Hall – [approximately a mile and a half from the farm].

2.30pm    – Results of the Flock Competition will be announced

The Central Region AGM

Presentation of the Central Region Young Handler’s Trophies

For more information and the form for attendance

please download the flyer here

Open Day at Elmley Castle – Sunday 15th May 2016

The Central Region year began when over 70 of us gathered at an Open Day held in Elmley Castle at the home of Jerry Strong and Lorna Hendey on Sunday 15th May.  Members from all over the region attended, but it was also lovely to welcome members from the Welsh, Southern, Northern and Scottish regions.  We are so grateful to Jerry and Lorna for making the day possible.  After gathering together for coffee and a tour of the sheep, Robert Locker gave a talk on how to select ram lambs for registration.  Jerry and Lorna had provided a group of ram lambs which enabled Robert not only to discuss points for selection, but he could actually demonstrate each point with a live lamb and use lambs as a point of comparison.  The talk not only was very interesting and informative, at times very funny and provoked many questions and much to discuss.

Taking a look at the lambs moving

Hands on

After lunch Jerry had arranged for Kate Gunn, a professional trimmer, to demonstrate how to get sheep ready for the Show Ring.  Again Jerry and Lorna were amazingly generous in allowing members to have a go at trimming some of their sheep under the watchful eye of Kate.  It just showed how much everyone had enjoyed the day by the fact that they lingered long into the afternoon.

Kate demonstrating trimming

Members getting hands on under Kate’s watchful eye

Firstly I need to thank Jerry and Lorna, but also to Robert Locker for so generously travelling all the way down from Scotland to give such a fascinating talk.  I would also like to thank Sue Britten and her son Tom for helping in getting the Village Hall ready on the day.  Thank you also to the members of the Central Region committee for all their help in making such a successful day.

Upcoming Events:

NSA Event at Malvern Showground – Wednesday 27th July 2016

The Central Region is taking a stand to the NSA event at the Malvern Showground.  Richard Chapman is bringing a Jacob two-horned ewe with a pair of crossbred lambs at foot and Stan Taylor is providing a pen of four-horned lambs. We hope this stand will attract much interest.  We shall be promoting Jacob Sheep and we will have a batch of catalogues for the upcoming Worcester sale to tempt any prospective buyers.

Show & Sale at Worcester – Tuesday 2nd August 2016

The entries to the Show and Sale at Worcester have been incredibly strong with 180 lots.   The Central Region Facebook page has advertised the event and it has reached 5500 people!!!    It will be exciting to see what happens.

Flock Competition – 7th/8th/9th October 2016

This autumn we are holding our bi-annual Flock Competition and we are very grateful to Stephen Harrison and Robert Price who have agreed to be the judges.  It will take place over the weekend of the 7th to 9th October and the closing date is the 23rd September.

Autumn Meeting – 23rd October 2016

This will be held at the Worcestershire home of Deborah Powell’s Pard House Flock at which event we will have the results of the Flock Competition and we will hold the Central Region’s AGM.  Everyone is welcome.

Please contact Lucy Thompson, the Central Region Council Member,  if there is anything she can do to help.  Lucy is  always pleased to hear from you.

Events 2016

Open Day – ‘Trimming Workshop’ & Ram Lamb Selection
Sunday – 15th May 2016
We are holding an Open Day at the invitation of  Dr J. G. Strong and Lorna Hendey, at Elmley Castle near Pershore, Worcestershire.  There will be an opportunity to look at their superb flock of Jacobs.  The day will include a demonstration on how to prepare sheep for the show ring.  Jerry and Lorna are very generously providing extra sheep so that members can “practice” on a live animal rather than just watching the demonstration.  Robert Locker will be running a discussion on how to select ram lambs for registration.  This will be a fascinating day and of particular help to new members.  Application forms for the event will be sent out in mid March.

Open Day application form and itinery.  Please click here

NSA Sheep Event – Wednesday 27th July 2016 at Malvern Showground
The Central Region Committee will be taking the society stand to the showground and there will a selection of pedigree breed and crossbred Jacobs for people to look at.  Please come and support us.

Worcester Show & Sale – Tuesday 2nd August 2016

Flock Competition & Assessment – Autumn 2016
Details will be publicised as soon as arrangements are confirmed.

Autumn Meeting – date to be arranged
There will be another flock visit, this time to Deborah Powell’s Pard House Flock at Standford Bridge.  Details have yet to be arranged and notification will be sent as soon as arrangements are confirmed.  It will be at this event that the results of the Flock Competition will be announced, followed by the Central Region’s AGM.

I look forward to meeting members at the forthcoming events and please, do feel free to contact me.  I am always pleased to hear from you.  Lets hope that the forthcoming lambing season will be a success for us all.

Events 2015

Worcester Show and Sale 2015

After hosting the AGM we have continued to have an active and exciting series of events.  The Central Show & Sale of Registered Jacob Sheep held at Worcester Market on the 4th August was once again a great success with another record making year.  The total value of pedigree Jacobs sold exceeded £30,000, which was up on the previous year by 27%.

Open Day hosted by Mark and Margie Rushbrooke

Mark and Margie welcoming everyone to their farm

Mark and Margie Rushbrooke hosted the Central Region Open Day on Sunday 13th September.  Amongst the members attending we had the great pleasure of welcoming American Jacob Sheep members, Steve and Julie Blake from Vermont.  The first event of the day was the Judges’ Seminar presided by the Field Officer, Gordon Connor.  After the seminar there was a judging competition, which gave everyone the opportunity to get their hands on some sheep.  Mark and Margie had penned three groups of three lambs:  a pen of Charollais, a pen of Lleyns and a pen of Jacobs.  At the end of the competition Gordon Connor, who had judged each pen in advance, gave out his results and the reasons behind his conclusions.  A fourth pen had been provided with a lamb from each breed, and this time we had to guess the combined weight of the lambs.  Not only was this great fun, but it also provided a platform for much discussion.  After Mark and Margies’ delicious barbeque, we went for a farm walk.  The Rushbrooke’s South Devon pedigree suckler cows and calves could not have looked more splendid with the sun on their backs as did the alpacas with their cria.  It was really lovely day and we are most grateful to Mark and Margie for making it all possible.

The farm walk took in their lake ….

their South Downs….

and the Alpacas.

Autumn Meeting and AGM at Charlcote Park

The Autumn Meeting held at Charlecote Park on Sunday 25th October was another wonderful day.  There have been Jacob Sheep at Charlecote since the 18th century, and it is thought that this flock was the first to be introduced into this country by George Lucy in 1756.  The National Trust was exceeding generous in hosting this event and our thanks go in particular to Adam Mayer, the Head Ranger and his assistant Nick Woodman.   They had put a great deal of work in making the day such a success.  We had a fascinating tour of the Jacob Flock, which was very impressive and we had glimpses of the stunning deer.  Adam gave an extremely interesting talk about the conservation work being undertaken in the park and in particular the reinstatement of old meadowland.

Adam gathering the throng to start the visit

Breeding ewes

The Jacobs and the deer intermingle

The rams

A Change of Chairman

John Emberton has completed his second term as the Regional Council Member for the central region, a role he has undertaken for the past six years. John has done a wonderful job and the Central Region has benefited from his experience and hard work. We are most fortunate that John is remaining on the Central Region committee. The new Regional Council member is Lucy Thompson. Please do not hesitate to contact Lucy – the committee is here to help and support the members.

John receiving an engraved decanter from Lucy commemorating his time as RCM


AGM 2015

2015 was the year that the Central Region had the honour and pleasure of hosting the Jacob Sheep Society AGM. The Regional Committee welcomed members from Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Wight.

The weekend started with a wonderful visit to Chatsworth. David Howlett, the Farm Manager at Chatsworth, gave us an interesting insight into the work of the farm and during the tour we saw the Chatsworth Jacob Flock and well as their stunning Limousin and Hereford cattle.. It was a very poignant visit as the former Duchess of Devonshire was one of the founder members of the Society and retained an keen interest in the Jacob Sheep Society throughout her life. The weather was perfect and the estate could not have looked more beautiful. Members then went to visit the house, which is an incredible experience for anyone interested in the arts.

Chatsworth House

On Saturday after the AGM, members went to Culland Hall to view the Lleyn and Jacob sheep belonging to Simon and Lucy Thompson. Simon gave a talk on the benefits of performance recording and research into saliva testing as a method of determining sheep resistance to worm. Mike Harrison, a stick maker of many years, gave a fascinating talk about the skill of stick making. In the evening, after a drinks reception, we had a very enjoyable Gala Dinner at the Mickleover Court Hotel. We had the great fortune to have Ian Turner, the former Farm Manager at Chatsworth , give a most entertaining talk after the dinner. Ian has been enormously supportive of the Society during his long tenure at Chatsworth.

Mike Harrison, the stick maker giving his talk

On Sunday we visited Bev Parker and Ian Wooliscroft’s Needwood Flock of Jacobs, which were very impressive, along with their stunning Longhorn Cattle and horses. The weather forecast was wrong and it was again another beautiful day, with members relaxing and eating a delicious hog roast. The superb organisation of the day by Bev and Ian contributed to a wonderful finale to the weekend.

Members enjoying lunch.

The weekend would not have happened without the incredible hard work by the organising committee, John Emberton, Jean Simmons, Lucy Thompson, Bob and Paula Bramley, Hayley Higginson, ably assisted by Peter Simmons and Abbie Higginson.



Dates for the Diary – 2015

Worcester Show and Sale – Tuesday 4th August

The Central Region Show and Sale of registered Jacob Sheep will be held on Tuesday 4th August 2015. The show will start at 9.30 am and Mrs Bridget Wilson will be the judge. If you would like to enter sheep for this sale, please contact McCartneys, 01905 769770 for an entry form or contact Grassroots.

Entries must be received by Tuesday 30th June 2015. Late entries will not be accepted.

Open Day and Judges Forum – Sunday 15th September 2015

Mark and Margie Rushbrooke have very kindly offered to host an open day and Judges Forum, which will be lead by Gordon Connor.

Details will follow.

Charlcotte Park Visit – Sunday 18th October 2015 (proposed date)

Last year a proposed visit to Charlecote Park had to be abandoned due to Hurricane Bertha. The National Trust has very kindly agreed to host another visit and , once we have the date confirmed, details will follow.

News & Events in 2012

Central Region Young Handlers Competition 

Every year in the Central Region we award prizes to the region’s children who have taken part in shows this year. For this we need to know the child`s name and age, which shows they competed in, if they were placed, what prize they won and if possible the Judge’s name. The sheep does not have to be the child`s own, but it does need to have been a Jacob! Any Young Handler classes entered can be included for this, as long as the sheep shown was again a Jacob.

Please send entries by email to hayley@meadowland-flock.co.uk or by post to:
Hayley Higginson, Meadowview House, 162 Holmes Chapel Road, Somerford, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4QB.
The entries need to be in by 26th October please. If you have any queries then please contact Hayley.

The Central Region Flock Competition takes place over the weekend 12th to 14th October – for details and entry form please click here

Our regional AGM and Autumn meeting will be held at the bentley Flock of David & Leasley Partridge, near Redditch in Worcestershire on Sunday 4 November – full details and booking form available here

The Central Region Open Day was held at Fir Tree Farm, Fillongley by kind invitation of Alan and Jane Nightingale.

The Firtree Flock was founded in 2008 with the purchase of 5 ‘affordable’ ewes at the Worcester Show and Sale. Since then all ewe lambs suitable for registration have been retained in the flock to increase numbers with 19 ewes going to the tup in 2011.

The day started with a drink and an introduction to the farm. On display was a particularly interesting forage analysis of the farm which Alan and Jane talked us through. Fortunately the weather was very good and we walked to a nearby field and saw the main body of the flock.

Arriving in the field to see the flock

A closer look at the sheep

On returning from the farm walk we went into a barn where eleven shearling ewes had been penned. They had been retained from last year and from these shearlings, half a dozen would be selected to join the flock.

Sheep in the pen and numbered for assessment

Alan and Jane had already made their selection but members had the opportunity to make their own assessments and compare notes with those of the judges’ forum

Assessing the sheep

This was a very interesting exercise as it made all the participants assess the sheep and then have their judgements reviewed in the light of the judges’ comments. Jean Blacknell summarised the main points to the audience.

Swatches of cloth made with Jacob wool

There was an interesting display of swatches of cloth and items made from Jacob fleece as well as lesser known aspects of the history of the breed. One such abortive project was represented by a box of labels intended for blankets for the homeless which were made from Jacob fleece, donated by members and spun by prisoners. There was also a display on DIY faecal egg counts. For more information see http://fiascofarm.com/goats/fecals.htm or the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons at http://www.rvc.ac.uk/review/parasitology/EggCount/Principle.htm

We then moved to another barn where there was a sumptuous buffet laid out waiting. Jean and Hayley, with the support of the committee had done an excellent job

Following the meal we were led by members of the committee and looked at basic sheep tasks, including turning a sheep, foot trimming and drenching using a gun. The activity was demonstrated and then members of the audience were invited to have a go, which they did. It was a very useful session, especially to those who had muddled through never having been taught the proper techniques.

Jane Nightingale having turned a sheep beautifully

Richard Chapman demonstrating foot trimming – and holding a turned sheep


Central Region Young Handlers Competition

Every year in the Central Region we award prizes to the  region’s children who have taken part in shows this year. For this we need to know the child`s name and age, and which shows they competed in , and if they were placed, then what prize they won, also if possible the Judges name . The sheep does not have to be the child`s own, but it does need to have been a Jacob! Any Young Handler classes entered can be included for this, as long as the sheep shown was again a Jacob.

Please send entries  by email to hayley@meadowland-flock.co.uk or post to Hayley Higginson, Meadowview House, 162 Holmes Chapel Road, Somerford, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4QB.

The entries need to be in by 26th October please.  If you have any queries please contact Hayley.

News & Events in 2011


Central Region AGM and Autumn Meeting

Sunday 27th November 2011 􏰁 11.00am for 11.30am

Please reply by Monday 21st November 2011



Central Region Open Day At Blackbrook Farm

Hosted by Ben and Tori Stanley

The day had an excellent start with a hot drink, courtesy of PJ, and bacon bap welcoming the members, featuring Blackbrook’s own rare breed bacon. We gathered as John Emberton and Stan Taylor introduced the day and our hosts. The focus was on showing, from selecting the show stock, to washing and trimming and finally two ‘shows’, one with experienced handlers demonstrating how it is done and one with those new to sheep showing.

Gathering at the start of the day

John Emberton Assisted by Stan Taylor introducing the days and the hosts Ben and Tori Stanley

The flock comprises of both four and two horns and a number of ewes and lambs were penned to one side of the barn and several were identified and looked at closely from the showing perspective. There followed a very interesting and informative debate between the experienced members about these points. Ben commented that he had introduced two horn sheep with a view to improving the conformation towards his ultimate aim of producing a commercial carcass.

Selcting Lambs. Robert Price demonstrating the points to looks for.

Hayley Higginson then demonstrated the washing of the sheep, working up a good lather.  The photographer was poised to catch an action shot of the sheep shaking its coat at full lather but was disappointed as Hayley clearly had whispered in the sheep’s ear and it was behaving itself.

Getting a good lather.

The company moved on to trimming and four volunteer sheep were made available to the inexperienced trimmers amongst the audience, after a demonstration of how to do it by Richard Chapman. With great gusto and a little apprehension in some quarters but with great concentration, the snipping and teasing began. With guidance and encouragement progress was made and it was an excellent way to start learn the skills of sheep preparation.

Richard Chapman demonstrating trimming

Having a go under Richard’s watchful eye.

At this point the food for lunch was ready and we feasted on Ben and Tori’s Blackbrook burgers and sausages, ably supported with a salad provided by Jean Simmons, and followed by copious and sumptuous desserts. Delicious.



Afterwards the attention moved to a pen of prepared ewes. Four were selected and they were shown by four experienced members. Judging was Chairman Elect Robert Locker and commentating on the process was Clive Richardson who had come down from the far reaches of Cumbria. It made a fascinating study as Robert went through the judging process and Clive explaining, very lucidly what he was doing and why. There were discussions about choices made and the variables that were balanced out in the judging process to make a final decision on the order the sheep were put in.

Ewes ready for showing

Following this the four sheep were handed to inexperienced members and the judging process began again.  There was help on hand, some subtle and some overt and even the sheep were decidedly co-operative.  Although somewhat apprehensive at first, the handlers soon began to relax and start to ‘show’ their charges.  Doing is by far the best way to learn.

Showing for the first time: learning the ropes

Some words of encouragement from Tori.

The day concluded with more food, this time cakes as well as a hot drink, and the gentle conversation of friends. Without doubt it was a very good day for although it was in some ways set up for the inexperienced to learn under the guidance of the more experienced, there was also a discussion amongst the experienced members over anumber of points and issues that were raised. This was most interesting and stimulating as it opened ones mind up to other perspectives.

There is a huge thank you for Ben and Tori for hosting the day, for Robert Price giving an insight into stock selection, for Robert Locker and Clive Richardson for their excellent work in the show ring, for Hayley Higginson and Richard Chapman for their demonstrations and for the food (Chief organiser of salads and puds, Jean Simmons: drinks – PJ Simmons) and  general support that combined to produce yet another excellent open day.


Winter Fair at Stafford

There was a good showing of Jacobs and the results were as follows:

1st Richard Chapman

2nd Simon Chell

3rd Jean Simmons

4th John Dixon

Richard Chapman with his pair of wether lambs and the Judge Mr D Allbut of Driffield

The Line Up

Top Four

Ram Assessment Meeting

In the first week in September we held a Ram Assessment evening at Mark and Margie Rushbrook’s farm near Bewdley. Our expert was Nick Hart who is the veterinary advisor to the Charollais Sheep Society and conducts most of their ram sale inspections. The more than 25 members who attended were treated to a mix of theory and practical steps to ensure that we have the skills to select and nuture our rams to get the best performance from them.

The thoroughly enjoyable and educational evening was rounded off with an excellent supper provided by Margie and Mark and our thanks are due to them for arranging this event.


Central Region AGM and Open Day, Burcot.

November 7th 2010

The sun shone, though it was a little fresh, as the members squeezed into the carpark at the village hall in Burcot. We were greeted as is customary with a warm welcome and a hot drink. There was a buzz of conversation and members gazed on the wool displays that filled the centre of the hall.

At the appointed time, John Emberton gave a formal welcome and went through the formal business of the AGM. He commented on the two previous regional meetings, both of which were very successful and well attended. Plans are rapidly forming for next year’s events.

After the AGM and a short break for refreshments, the whole company moved to John and Jacquelin Emberton’s farm, a short walk along the road. There we saw his flock and John explained how they organised their farm and managed the land. It is always so interesting to see how others keep their sheep and in doing so pick up ideas on how to improve ones own husbandry.

A friendly ram enjoys a scratch behind his ear

Members introduced to part of the flock

The Nutwood Flock

We then returned to the village hall where Jean Simmons and Hayley Higginson, ably assisted by Jacqueline Emberton and PJ, fed everyone from a seemingly bottomless pot of casserole. It was delicious and quite a few (mainly male it has to be said) came back for a second helping. The dessert was equally delectable with apple crumble (walnuts on top!) and custard or an assortment of trifles

Diane Hall spoke of the Wool Cup and encouraged members to join in. Her words were supported with a wonderful array of items.

Anna Milner and Bridget Wilson gave the results of the flock competition and distributed the cups and trophies. They were thanked for all their hard work visiting numerous farms and making, in some cases quite difficult judgements because of the high standards.

Mrs Vera Ridout accepting the overall winner cup on behalf of Ridout and Higginson

The results of the Young Handlers were announced:

Champion: Ian Smith  174 points

2nd: Callum Smith  115 points

Best Junior: Caitlin Carpenter 30 points

Caitlin the Junior Handler winner

Lesley Partridge then talked in depth about fleeces and their preparation and gave a fascinating insight into not just what to do to prepare a fleece but also the reason behind what needs to be done. The detail of display that Lesley brought to the talk was amazing with samples of not only whole fleeces but small samples of different types of wool and hair found on Jacobs and other breeds for comparison as well as a magnifying glass. There were posters that contained masses of information, some just interesting some quite technical. It was evident that a lot of hard work and research had gone into the preparation for this talk – and it showed on the day.

Lesley and some whole fleeces

Getting into the technical background

In addition to Lesley’s display, several members brought items to show and inspire the rest of us to get creative and  working in wool.


A table full of ideas and beautiful craftsmanship

There was one ‘living’ display. Mrs Nancy Mole came along to the meeting with her spinning wheel. She quietly spun away during the day, extruding a fine filament of (naturally) Jacob wool, while answering questions and enjoying conversations with members.

Mrs Nancy Mole spinning

Gary Whitcombe watching the action. Note the jumper, made by hand from his own wool.

It was a lovely day, a lovely atmosphere of gossip, learning and inspiration set in a wonderful laid back, gentle ambience.  The way such days should be. Full marks to those who organised and ran the event.

Author’s apology: There is a limited space for articles such as the above and so if your picture has not been included or detail that you would have liked been omitted, then please accept my apologies. I have tried to show a broad selection to give a taste of the day.

Showing Season – Offer to help

The numbers at the regions shows were much improved this year. We have a lot of friendly experienced members who would be willing to help you if you would like to join in – please do contact any of the committee members.


WANTED – turn-over crate suitable for 4 horned Jacob Sheep – please contact David Sizer davidsizer7@hotmail.com if you can help.


WANTED – Nottingham based stick maker requires Jacob Sheep horns – please contact Lee Chadwick at www.leechadwick.com


Six registered Four-horn Ewe Lambs

Very Good Quality

Hetovac-p treated

Sire: Pentrenant Cassis son of Overdale Bart

Both winners of many championships

Stan Tay;or 2494


01527 893395

If you wish to advertise here please send the wording via e-mail as an attachment.
All sheep offered for sale must be registered.

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