On this page you can find details about the role of our National Field Officer as well as how to contact him, technical information and downloads.


Acting Field Officer,

Clive Richardson,

Tel: 01229 582742 or mobile 07818396836

e-mail clive.richardson@talktalk.net. 


The Field Officer Role

The Society structure includes an elected Field officer, appointed to provide guidance to members about the breed standard, and also to continue to review the breed standard and future direction of the breed. The Field officer is a member of the Society Council and is always an experienced breeder and judge. They travel around the regions, attending shows, sales and regional events. They also give advice to members of the Society on their flocks, their breeding policy and any aspect of flock management. They are also responsible for ensuring that judges appointed by the society are undertaking their duties properly and professionally.The Field Officer also provides technical information to the Society on various aspects of breeding and keeping sheep and the current advice can be accessed using the links at the end of this page.

The Pat Bromley Trophy

This is a new trophy to be awarded to the ' Young Person of the Year' and to be presented at the Society AGM. Nominations for this award are invited from any Society member and the form should be downloaded from this website.
It will be awarded to the young person under the age of 25 who has given help in any way to improve the running of the Society. It is particularly emphasised that success in the show ring does not merit a nomination. 

Technical Information & Downloads

The following technical information is provided and updated by the Field Officer for use by members.

  • The JSS guide 'An Introduction to Jacob Sheep' can be found here
  • Inspection Rules for Society Shows & Sales click here
  • For the latest news on the Schmallenberg Virus (January 2013) click here
  • Guidance on the Electronic Identification of Sheep click here
  • Guidance on Food Chain Information to be provided with sheep going to slaughter click here and model document for sheep keepers in Scotland click here
  • Guidance for Flock Competitions and Assessments click here and click here for the assessment card
  • Guidance on EID in Northern Ireland click here
  • Guidance on movement of sheep in Northern Ireland click here

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