Firstly I would like to thank all those who sent photographs into the 2020 Virtual Photograph Competition. There were 84 photographs entered and it was lovely to see such a range of subjects and appreciate the care that has gone into creating these images. I hope you enjoyed their creation as much as I did in judging them.


Photography, like all art, is a form of communication. This can be a simple record of what can be seen or could be more and convey emotion, atmosphere and feeling to a scene. It was the later that scored the points. While a simple shot of a sheep is a perfect record, I needed more reason to select a photograph, and that is what elevated the winning pictures to be chosen.


In judging these photographs the first thing I considered was what was special about the photograph.  I looked for was what I think of as ‘the grab’. What reaction did the photograph have on me when I looked at it? Did I go ‘wow’, or chuckle? Did I want to look more deeply into the photograph and see hidden detail? This gave me a selection of pictures.  From this I needed to feel that the photograph related to the category. There should be a clear reflection of the class title in the content.


There was one slight ambiguity which I should explain.  The category ‘black and white’ can be interpreted in both the medium ie monochrome, black and white photographs or the subject, ie black and white sheep. Thus I did have a few entries in the black and white section that were in fact colour photographs of black and white animals and things. I resolved to judge in the category in which they were placed straightforwardly,  however black and white was interpreted.


Once again I would like to thank everyone who entered photographs and also to express my thanks for the privilege of judging them.


Bob Bramley


Shepherd and Flock

1st  The Young Shepherdess             Tamsin James

2nd Ewe finished the pages yet?      Caitlin Carpenter

3rd Bella and me                                 Arwel Jones

4th Been a long night                         Hayley Higgingson

5th Sheep Whisperer                          Gwenllian Evans




1st  The Main Man               Hayley Higginson

2nd  Born at Sunset             Tamsin James

3rd   First Steps                     Kayleigh  Rennie

4th  Flossy and Daughter    Emma Eustace



Black and White

1st  Snowy Jacobs                      Gwellian Evans

2nd  That’s my Rosette             Melanie Harper

3rd   My Girls                              Arwel Jones

4th  Liam, King of the Flock    Gwellian Evans



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