Hello Show Secretaries..!


If you are looking for a Judge for your local show then this is the place for you.


 Firstly, please take a look at the Judges List (below) and contact your preferred Judge directly. The judge needs to confirm with you that he/she is able to attend and judge your show.

If you need help choosing a Judge then please contact our Regional Field Officer. Email


Secondly, once the Judge has confirmed, please fill out the form below to allow the Jacob Sheep Society to process your Show Application and send you out the required rosette.


The current judges list can be found by clicking this link.




Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Please give us your name
Livestock Secretary's Name (if different from above)
This should be the email used to contact you or the show secretary. It will also be used for correspondence and Judge Allocation confirmation.
Please give the full postal address to send the rosette. Please include the Post Code.
Please ensure YOU contact the Judge and confirm with them their attendance to your show.

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