Jacob Meat and Wool Producers

The Jacob Sheep Society hosts links to members own web pages in order to assist in the preservation and promotion of the breed.

Below is a list of members who are Jacob Breeders and who may also supply Jacob meat and wool.

This meat is sought after as it is tender, pink and firm and has a 'melt in the mouth texture' with flavour that is tasty without being strong. Jacob lamb comes from healthy, grass fed sheep and this is evident in the eating.


You can find and contact your local Jacob meat producer via the members list given below.


Members wishing to avail themselves of this link facility should contact Terry Barker via email. We kindly ask that those wishing to be added to the Meat and Wool Directory list must have a website or an email address in order to be added. Thank you.

Email Terry:


The Society does not charge for using this facility, but does request a reciprocal link in return where appropriate. Members with active links are listed below.


County Flock Member Website Email Meat Wool
Cheshire Akesmere Dianne Hall http://www.akesmerefarm.co.uk/No No
Staffordshire Ashford Mr & Mrs G & H Ashford Yes No
Worcestershire Bentley Flock Lesley Partridge http://www.bentleyflock.co.uk/No Yes
Worcestershire Deakins Dave Coggon www.wyrefire.co.uk No No
Worcestershire Elmley Jerry Strong and Lorna Hendey Elmley-Jacob-Sheep No Yes
Worcestershire Lanesend Sean & Phillippa Kirby www.lanesendsmallholding.co.ukYes No
Worcestershire Lickhill Sean & Kay Carpenter https://www.facebook.com/LickhillPedigreeLivestockNo Yes
Shropshire Little Detton James & Sue Barrett http://www.littledetton.co.ukYes No
Staffordshire Loynton Jean Blacknell http://jacobsheep.me.uk/Yes No
Gloucestershire Mackinley Matthew Launder http://www.mackinleyflock.farming.officelive.comNo No
Derbyshire Mayfield Janet Watson http://moorescottagefarm.co.uk/jacobflock Yes No
Shropshire Meadowbank Rupert Burton & Emma St Clair No No
Cheshire Meadowland George & Vera Ridout http://www.meadowland-flock.co.ukNo No
Staffordshire Needwood Bev Parker http://www.needwoodjacobs.comYes No
Worcestershire Nutwood John & Jacqueline Emberton http://www.nutwood.ltd.uk/flockYes No
Worcestershire Perrymill Margie & Mark Rushbrooke http://www.brettlesfarm.co.ukNo No
Worcestershire Saltway Berni & Terry Barker http://www.saltwayjacobs.co.ukYes Yes
Northampton Saxon Farm Chris Miller https://saxonfarm.co.uk/ Yes No
Gloucestershire Wyedean Donna May & Aaron May http://www.oakdean-smallholding.co.ukNo No
Leicestershire Blackbrook Ben Stanley & Tori Fairley http://www.toriandbensfarm.co.ukYes No
Leicestershire Oakfields Lisa Adams http://www.oakfieldsjacobsheep.co.ukYes No
Lincolnshire Roseland Berni Chalklin http://www.hougham.infoYes No
Norfolk Typhoon Ben Coe http://www.typhoonjacobsheep.weebly.comNo No
Co Cavan Belcreeny Mr D&S Brown http://www.fishingholidayscavan.comNo No
Co Tyrone Kingarrow Paul & Sharon Colhoun http://www.kingarrowjacobs.weebly.comNo No
Co. Louth Leck Alison Gogan No Yes
Co Wexford Richards Matthew Kehoe https://www.facebook.com/richardsjacobsheep Yes No
Co Wicklow Stonecroft Geraldine Fletcher http://www.wicklowjacobs.comYes Yes
North Yorkshire Fettlemead Emma Chester Yes Yes
North Yorkshire Blackwolds Trevor & Pat Black https://www.facebook.com/BlackwoldsjacobsheepYes Yes
Northumberland Coldrife Julie Fields http://coldrifejacobsheep.co.ukNo No
Cumbria Escrigg flock Emily Maudsley http://www.Facebook.com/escriggjacobs Yes No
North Yorkshire Hurrsdale Gavin & Becky Haworth https://www.facebook.com/HurrsdaleJacobs/Yes No
Lancashire Jacksmere Julian Barnes Yes No
Yorkshire Jolly Jacobs Tom Saxby http://www.jollyjacobs.weebly.comNo No
Co. Durham Laurels David Sizer Yes Yes
Lancashire Nettlebed Betty Palmer http://www.nettlebedjacobsheep.co.ukNo No
Co. Durham Oakdale Simon Baguley http://cornparksouth.co.uk/ Yes Yes
Cumbria Rusland Sam Hagon & Tom Hrykow http://www.levencourtlivestock.co.uk/ Yes Yes
Lancashire True Grit Lisa Richardson Yes Yes
Yorkshire Whitedale Chris & Aileen Simpson http://whitedalewool.co.ukNo Yes
Yorkshire Whitley John & Frieda Fozzard http://whitleyflock.weebly.com/Yes No
Stockton-on-Tees Willow Dene Michael Lindley Yes No
South Yorkshire Hazeldene Sarah Hill https://hazeldeneflock.co.uk/ Yes Yes
Leigh Landside Alfred James Bent Yes No
West Lothian Dun-mor G Connor & S Dalrymple https://www.facebook.com/dunmorjacobs/ No No
Berwickshire Edingale Robert Locker http://www.edingalejacobs.co.ukYes Yes
Caithness Ehwaz Michael Kay http://www.blackandbronze.co.ukYes No
Roxburghshire Harbell Melanie Harper Yes No
Highland Highlander Sarah Asher http://www.facebook.com/DarachCroftYes No
Argyll Island David Keys http://www.ardentrive.com Yes No
Argyll Kintaline Jill Bowis http://www.lorn.org.uk/kintalineYes Yes
Roxburghshire Tweedside Nigel & Rachel Gibb http://www.tweedsidejacobs.co.uk/Yes Yes
South West
Somerset Bagnell Caroline Gay http://www.bagnellfarm.comNo No
Devon Blackaller Peter Hunt http://www.beesindevon.co.uk Yes Yes
Somerset Coburns Steve Campbell Yes No
Devon Compton Angela Gilbert http://sites.google.com/site/comptonjacobs/homeNo Yes
Gloucestershire Elmwicke Ruth Slater http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elmwicke-Flock-Jacob-Lamb/123408307728560Yes No
Cornwall Gilbury Caitlin Dean http://www.gilburyfarm.co.uk/Yes No
Devon Halsbury Charlotte & Christopher Slee http://www.halsburybarton.co.ukYes Yes
Devon Headley Janet East http://www.yellinghamfarm.co.uk Yes Yes
Devon Jolley Ogbeare Carole Cox http://www.jolleyogbeare.co.ukYes No
West Devon Melken Lisa Hutchins https://www.melkenjacobs.co.uk/No No
Payne http://www.huxtablefarm.co.uk/jacobsheepproducts.htmNo Yes
Somerset Solsbury Mike Bundy http://www.solsburyjacobs.co.ukNo No
Devon Sparnham Chris Fisher http://www.sparnhamfarm.co.ukNo No
Tor Grove http://folksy.com/shops/TavistockTastesandTexturesNo Yes
Kent Albans Lesley Pope http://www.albansbarnyard.co.ukYes No
Kent Coldswood Linda Brown Yes No
Hampshire Hawkhill Elizabeth Frew Yes No
Kent Magical Michael Waller Yes No
Oxfordshire New Troy Messers R & A Brewis http://www.brewhouse-stud.co.ukNo No
Kent Parsonage Fiona Gordon http://www.parsonageflock.co.ukYes No
Hampshire Peregrine Simon Jones Yes No
East Sussex Shutecombe Bryn & Peter Gorringe http://www.shutecombeflock.co.ukYes Yes
Tywyn Gwynedd Cadfan Flock Email Maria Rees Yes No
Torfaen Cwmbran Jack Tiley http://www.greenmeadowcommunityfarm.org.ukNo No
Denbighshire Erw Las Paul Sheldon Yes No
Carmarthenshire Fronhaul Ross Rixon http://www.fronhaulfarm.co.ukNo No
Carmarthenshire Hope Siwan & Wyn Harries http://www.hopejacobs.co.ukYes Yes
Welshpool lletymawr Amanda Tomkins, Llety Mawr Farm Enterprises http://www.lletymawr.co.ukYes Yes
South West Wales Owlscote Brenda Howell http://www.owlscote.comYes Yes
Pembrokeshire Cyncoed Mrs. Sally Amoore No Yes
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